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  1. Cute, Crafty, or Otherwise

    Retro Renovation: “your daily dose of mid century renovation resources… design inspiration… fun finds… and a growing community of people all interested in restoring, preserving and cherishing their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s homes.”

    Tonic Living: Amazingly beautiful retro fabrics. Love, love, love.

    2009 Christmas Candy Box: A downloadable template for a cute little gift box. Check out the ’08 & ’07 editions as well.

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  2. I ♥ BioBags

    MaxAir bin & BioBags
    We got this bin ages ago to resolve our stinky compost issue. At the time, Biome was offering the bin free with the purchase of all the bags or the other way around. That’s they only way I can explain the pile of 210 bin liner bags.

    The BioBags are made from corn and are completely compostable and biodegrade in a matter of weeks. They are also breathable, so the waste inside the bin dries out making it less stinky. And since the whole bag can go into the compost, there’s no slimy container to wash out afterward.

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  3. iLove

    I cannot believe I am about to admit my new-found love (and complete dependence) on an Apple product. I’ve been so anti-Apple for my own self-righteous reasons, and I haven’t hated them very quietly either.

    So imagine my surprise when I opened one of my Christmas presents fromlHubby and found a nano. I hate to admit that my first thought was “what the heck am I going to do with THIS?”. The fact that it is purple DID endear it to me slightly, but honestly, we don’t take the train anymore… did he think I was going to wear it around the house?

    My next present was an FM transmitter, and he told me that he remembered me saying that I missed my radio stations back in the States and thought I might be able to find some podcasts to listen to in the car. This is why I love him to bits. Oh my goodness.

    I immediately went to iTunes and subscribed to the podcasts of This American Life, All Songs Considered, Studio 360, Fresh Air (I ♥ Terry!), The Splendid Table and Car Talk.

    This has CHANGED MY LIFE! I cannot even put it fully into words.

    No more asinine drive-time radio djs. No more crap music. No more breaking news updates with the latest comings and goings of the Britneys and Parises of the world. I’m back to the glory days of PRI and NPR. My IQ is thanking me.

    The only thing I DO miss is the traffic reports. I take that back. I don’t even care. In fact, I almost WISH there would be a traffic jam, because then I’d get to stay in the car listening to Lynn Rosetto Kasper just that little bit longer.

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  4. I <3 Kikki K

    It seems like hardly any Australian vendors have websites which show the majority of their stock. Most post a PDF of their latest flyer and call it good.

    So I was thrilled to discover that my favourite office supply place kikki.K has a simple site with products to behold. I am allowed to buy one product every time we are at the mall, which is rare for us. So now that I can see what they have that is new, I can make plans to visit the mall more often. 🙂

    My Christmas list read “anything from kikki.K”, and he delivered. In fact, tonight I am going to start going through my Donna Hays from last year and use my gifts. He got me the recipe sticky notes, this recipe box, recipe card refills, and finally the magnetic shopping list in case I decide I need some more ingredients in the house after looking at all that food!

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  5. I ♥ Askinosie Chocolate

    Askinosie Chocolate
    On Friday we came across a new indulgence, Askinosie Chocolate. The beautiful organic packaging is what drew us in, and we couldn’t resist purchasing one of the 70% dark and one 75% dark chocolate nibble bars with actual roasted cocoa nibs. Their beans are single-source, and the package even has a photo of the farmer on it.

    The packaging led me to their website, where I could enter a number on the package and see the history from beans to bar. I also had a look at their FAQ, and the ethics behind this company make me a real cheerleader. I want them to do well, and I want everyone to support them. They go beyond “fair trade”. They do right by the farmers and share any extra profits. It’s so beautiful. Be sure to go read their story.

    On top of all that, it is REALLY good. Almost badgood. I predict a serious breakout in my future. We stopped eating the one bar long enough for me to take that photo, but I’m sure the other bar won’t last long either.

    Brisbanites can get it at Biome in Paddington for sure, though I haven’t been to the city location and don’t see in on their website.

    Linky Links
    The Askinosie packaging was featured on, which collects all the best in pretty packaging. I’m such a sucker for lovely design, so I plan on visiting this site more often!

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