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  1. Links for Later

    Time to restart Firefox clean, but I’ve been hanging on to a dozen tabs I keep thinking I’m going to look at later.

    Ruby Slipper Bride: South African Wedding Photographer
    Once Wed: Another pretty wedding photography place

    Scrumptious Banana Cake Recipe: I may have posted this before, but this one is SO yummy and SO easy.
    Recipe Girl: Recipes including how to make adorable marzipan carrots.
    Urbanspoon: Restaurant guide
    Sugar Snap Pea Soup with Parmesan Cream: from my hero Lynne Rossetto Kasper

    The Handmade Expo: Ipswich crafty show blog
    My Paper Crane: Super-fun, crafty person’s blog
    Tubby Paws: Cute papercraft

    Mimicking Birds: Good music. Free downloads.

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  2. A Travel Journal Reflection

    The other day when I wrote about hanging my bulletin boards, I mentioned a “couple” crafty projects but then only talked about the one.

    The other crafty project I’m working on is a travel journal for our upcoming trip to the States. I made one for our last trip back home in 2006 after seeing a lot of examples on websites that brilliant craftspeople had created. I especially liked the idea of taking an old book and refunctioning it for use as a journal.

    In particular, I was completely inspired by these three journal/sketchbooks (Paris, Italy, Provence) by a lovely lady named Jan. She even replied to my inquisitive email and gave me some tips on how to rebind my own.

    I picked up a book at the Lifeline Bookfest called This is Your America. It’s navy blue and has the capital building embossed on the front cover. I thought it would be perfect to pull apart for this project.

    I took out the book I did the last time to recall what papers I used and how I put it all together. And while I had it off the shelf, I took photos of the pages. There were quite a few blanks that I thought I would go back and fill when I got back. I added a few, but I’m definitely going to be more proactive in using it along the way this time!

    See the full set here.

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  3. Artsy-Fartsy

    I’m loving this: Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today?. She draws what she buys. Simple as that.

    Short of making a resolution for the new year, I really would like to do more drawing in 2009. I seem to remember saying that a couple years ago too. Hmm.

    On that note, for future reference: Doodlers Anonymous.

    ** Get the book Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? at Amazon.

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  4. Warhol is Here

    We’re trying to come up with a few ideas to get us out of the house over our two-week holiday. One possibility is going to the GOMA for the Warhol exhibition. It just happens that Hans and I went to a Warhol exhibit at the Parthenon five years ago when we both lived in Nashville. However, the one here seems to be more expansive.

    I also really want to go to the Museum of Brisbane to see this exhibit. A good friend of ours produced and directed the piece, and Hans did the graphics. From what I’ve heard, it is an extraordinary albeit uncomfortable story.

    ** Check out the Andy Warhol store at Amazon.

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  5. Busy Being Silly
    Sometimes it’s good to just go completely over the top… that’s what I think anyway. So three months ago, when I started looking at the footage of our little holiday, I thought it could be edited down into something watchable. Over the months, it has gotten a little… out of hand. And now it is 30 minutes of pure cinematic greatness including interviews, cut-aways, and a musical montage to A-ha’s “Take on Me”. And then there is also the bloopers and cut scenes and the slideshow.

    Yesterday Hans color-graded the whole thing and did an animated intro and animated supers. It’s heading into ridiculous territory considering it’s a home movie. But we’re production company people, and this is now apparently what we do.

    So umm… tonight we’re having the premiere, since Dan & Lisa haven’t seen it at all yet. We’ve got a make-shift red carpet. We’ve got a bottle from our champagne stockpile. (For some reason people seem to give us champagne, and we don’t really care for it… so it just gets added to the stash.) Hopefully it will be met with 5-star reviews.


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  6. Ooops
    Sorry for not posting about the casting call earlier, Manda. Just realized the thing is closed now — but I did vote three times, if that counts.

    Links for Later Small fonts, text replacement.

    French Toast Girl is doing a month-long art challenge for May. Create something, anything, for Every Day in May. I did a little watercolor this morning. Tomorrow might be a photo or a sweet treat (baking is an artform, right?)… who knows.

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