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  1. Family Down Under

    The biggest pick-me-up came last weekend in the form of an email from my mom telling me that my cousins from Texas are coming down for a cruise around New Zealand at the end of this month. And they purposefully were planning a couple days at the end of their trip in Sydney with the hopes of seeing us. Problem being that Sydney and Brisbane are like my hometown and Nashville — we’re talking a 15-hour drive here. But Hans has said that we can fly down to spend a weekend with them. (And I am SO excited.)

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  2. Doin’ the Australian Wave

    There’s a thing here called the Australian wave. It all has to do with trying to shoo flies away from all the open crevices on your body, mostly your head for most, I suppose.

    Picture a Sally Struthers commercial. You know those flies that crawl up the kids’ noses and make you feel really bad for them? Well, they ain’t just in Ethiopia, folks. I don’t know if it is all the damp weather this week or what, but they are out here in full-force plague-like proportions. Eww.

    And speaking of national waves…

    Lost in Translation
    Mexican wave
    n. an occurrence which often happens at sporting events or large arenas which involves people in one area standing and possibly cheering and then sitting as those to their left do so. The excitement then continues around the arena ad nauseum. Known by North Americans as simply The Wave for obvious politically correct reasons.

    “During half-time they started the Mexican wave, and I spilled my popcorn.”

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  3. Here Kitty Kitty
    Yesterday, my brother-in-law got us all on this ship:

    Then we climbed up six stories to the area by that lamp at the end of the t-bar up there:

    So we could look across the river and see this:

    It was actually really windy up there:

    And even though we were still across the river, we could see the USS Kitty Hawk pretty good through the binoculars:

    Though probably the best/weirdest part of the ship tour was seeing this poster:

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  4. Lost in Translation
    removalist (ree myu vol ist)
    n. a company or individual hired to move ones belongings to another location; movers
    “The removalists are coming on Saturday for the rest of the furniture and large boxes.”

    Oh and “curb” is spelled “kerb” here. I thought they were kidding.

    I Have Some Stalking to Do
    I’m about an hour away from Ethan Hawke. Don’t tell me you didn’t fall in love with him in Reality Bites. Though, now that I think about it, I’d be hard-pressed to recall anything he’s done since.

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  5. Brrr
    I know I can’t seem to do anything but complain about the heat here… but dang it’s cold. Record cold for the area, in fact. It translates to around 40 degrees (F) with wind chill.

    Sidebar Updates
    I’ve added a few more Americans in Australia over to the right. Audra is a Californian (I think) in Sydney. The Briddles are New Englanders in Perth (my city of choice if I had to move somewhere else in oz). And Outback Dobbs has been linked to before, but they’re in Melbourne. It’s somewhat therapeutic to read the thoughts of people in similar situations.

    Good Golly — Galahs!
    I snapped a photo of the galahs this morning on our walk to the train. I cut out one of them that was facing the camera, and I know it’s a bad photo… but I’m still amazed by the wildlife that I’m surrounded by here.

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  6. Here are a few quick photos I’ve uploaded from our trip to the Bunya Mountains last weekend.

    This is a photo of the house where we stayed. (Click pics for larger size.)

    Every morning we woke up to the view of clouds rolling through the valley. It was absolutely beautiful. Then as the sun came up, they would melt off until the next morning.

    In the words of the Carpenters, I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation. It’s actually just me on our “mountain”.

    The house was constantly surrounded by little (red-necked?) wallabies eating the grass. I took this photo one morning at the top of our driveway.

    I’m not exactly what you’d call a nature girl, but somehow we thought it would be a good idea to climb the vines of this tree. And it’s a wonder that wasn’t the one who ended up with a tick!

    This is us in the rainforest on our first anniversary. Yay!

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  7. Adventure Complete
    We’re back. No pictures to show as I’ve managed to leave my camera in a little German cuckoo-clock shop. Though the nice people there have stuck it in the mail for me.

    It was an unbelievable weekend from start to finish including a broken water heater which meant five days with no hot water, tick bites, bats in shoes, and encounters with dozens of wallabies, a seven-foot python, king parrots, a bush turkey, and a wild boar. Only in Australia, I tell you.

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  8. Hint Hint
    In case my husband ever sees this and needs a gift idea… I found Dejarnette New Orleans at Oh My That’s Awesome, and there are a few necklaces I ♥love♥: Fleur Trouvee, Art Deco, and Artifact. Mmm…

    Footy Shmooty
    There’s a little event here called State of Origin, and I have no idea what it’s about. I couldn’t even say, without looking at the website, exactly which sport it is. All I know is that 50,000 people are going to be descending upon our workplace neighborhood tonight, and I have every intention of getting out of here early.

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  9. Open Letter to Most Australian Retailers

    First of all, welcome to the internet. Also welcome to 2007.

    Now, please cut it out with the opening-of-the-new-window-just-because business. (Exhibit A & B) And usually it’s not “just because” but it’s “just because of all the ridiculous flash we’re incorporating for no reason”. (Exhibits C & D) You can cut that out too.

    While you’re at it, how about showing some of your products and making them easy to find. Call me crazy, but maybe you could consider putting ALL your products on there just for kicks. (Exhibits E & F) Sorry, while I appreciate the effort it takes to upload PDFs of your paper catelog, that’s just not cutting it for me. (Exhibit G)

    I suppose it would be too much to ask to be able to order something while I’m at your website, because I don’t live in Melbourne or Sydney.

    Why do you all hate me? Please change.


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  10. Little Joys to Beat the Blues
    Somewhere in this town there is a FedEx truck. And in this truck is a box with my name on it. And that box is one of the few things that is making life worth living right now. And it’s a gross understatement to say that it has been a “bad week” in terms of homesickness and culture shock and hating everything about this little hellhole I call home.

    (And let me tell you, the xenophobia around this place the last couple days is making me want to lock myself in my house for a while. D@mn you, Michael Moore and your little movie that makes the rest of the world think they are experts on anything relating to guns and America.)

    Another bright side? We may be having real Mexican food this weekend.

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  11. It Really Was Spectacular
    These are my thoughts regarding the Australian Outback Spectacular.

    • The preshow part wasn’t my favorite, because I had a splitting headache at the time. The area was like the inside of a barn, with real horses in the stables, so the horse smell didn’t really make me feel like it was time to eat.
    • There was a horse named Mystery… which is what we call the palomino that lives next door. (reference)
    • As for the show itself, it really was a fun time. This article has a great summary of the show. Great horsemanship. Fun contests. Lots of cheering. (The wine probably helped.) There was a cute little sheepdog mustering a herd of sheep. There were even camel races.
    • We learned that Australia has more wild camels than anywhere else in the world, and we even export them to Arabia.
    • We agreed that the Pirates’ set was more impressive, but the Outback seating was a bit nicer.
    • Before we went inside, we had a bet to see who could guess how many times the Man from Snowy River themesong would be played. Hans won with 3.
    • Did I mention that we all got a free stockman’s hat? We were on the yellow side.

    Overall, I’d highly recommend going at least once. It’s kind of spendy, but when you consider how many people and animals (horses, longhorns, sheep, cows, dogs, camels) are involved, it doesn’t seem so bad.

    English Consolidation Society
    My brother-in-law and I always need something to fight about, so we’re now doing what we can to combine Australian and American English.

    These are the terms (in bold) that have won so far:
    Q-tips vs. Cotton buds
    Kleenex vs. Tissues
    Cellphone vs. Mobile

    Today we are battling fruits:
    Cantaloupe vs. Rockmelon
    Papaya vs. Paw Paw

    UPDATE: I believe I have just received an email of concession on the rockmelon issue, as Victoria even calls them cantaloupes. If the whole of Australia doesn’t bother using the term, then I don’t think he has a leg to stand on.

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  12. It’s Hot. It’s Too Hot. It’s Too Darn Hot.
    It’s 38.4 degrees here right now. That’s 101.12 to most of you who read this. Our little air conditioner in the bedroom is doing its best to crank out a little cool, but I’m dying in the living room.

    (Chucky’s in the house moving from one corner of the kitchen to another trying to find more cool tile space.)

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  13. The Phant Menace
    So in the continuing ant saga, Wednesday was bad. Thursday was worse. And Friday the exterminator came.

    We got home last night to find a powdery white substance along all our baseboards and countertops. A substance I’m told not to wipe up for another day. The hypochondriac in me feels the cancer soaking in, but the good news is that there isn’t a single ant on this block of land. Neither have I seen a single spider. And I saw more dead cockroach carcasses in the garage than I care to mention. I’m thrilled, to say the least.

    The problem now is that sitting on the couch we’ve both had moments where we felt phantom ants, “phants” if you will, on our feet or legs. It’s a problem I’m sure we’ll learn to deal with, but it seems sad that our bodies are so used to that feeling that we’re making it up on our own now.

    Lost in Translation
    road works (roed wircz)
    n. road construction
    “The traffic was so slow due to road works.”

    Cute Animation Alert
    I came across the Minuscule videos online yesterday and just about died from the cuteness.

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  14. The Three Things That Keep Me from Posting
    1. The heat.
    2. The work.
    3. The ants.

    The Plague
    I’ve mentioned my ant issues at least once before, but the past couple weeks have proven to be too much for me. I prefer to live with a nice, clean, bug-free kitchen… otherwise I simply do not want to cook. Knowing bugs may possibly have been roaming free on those surfaces makes me want to scrub everything down before using it ever again.

    So recently we’ve had ants showing up everywhere, and yesterday I broke down and cried. Not only were they in our kitchen, but they got into our food. And it’s not like the food was setting out; I’m talking about unopened packaged food that was in a cupboard. And not just any cupboard; I’m talking about the Homesick/American Food cupboard. (It pained me to throw out two boxes of wheat thins, a box of jello-brand cheesecake, and two boxes of velveeta, among other things. I cried.) Not just once, but we found them three times in various places yesterday, and I’m over it.

    We’re finding an exterminator.

    Here We Go, Bullets, Here We Go!
    Friday night I went to my first Brisbane Bullets basketball game. The people I went with, on the other hand, went to their first basketball game. First. Ever. You know it’s a sad day, when I am the resident expert on any sport.

    I got to explain everything… from the big arc that divides the three-point zone from the two-point zone to the concept of tip-off to the shot clock to the universal gesture for traveling. It was awesome.

    It was a pretty exciting game too. The local heroes have had a record-breaking season that landed them in the NBL Grand Finals. I believe this would be equivalent to the NBA Finals, but as Dan said, if the players were any good they would have been recruited to the States by now. Harsh… but possibly true? (see Luc Longley and Andrew Bogut for starters)

    Men Be Warned
    If feminine personal hygiene products offend you, go ahead and skip to the next header.

    I must say, when it comes to dealing with “that time of the month”, this company does it right. Moxie is an Australian company with, dare I say, the cutest feminine products. Panty Liners in cute little tins? So cute. And I especially love one of their posters that read: Have a Beautiful Day in Hell. Anyway, that’s my little endorsement.

    Speaking of Endorsements
    Go love Gotye. Add the myspace. Better yet, add this myspace to throw a vote that direction. Go watch the amazing video. Thank me later.

    A Conversation
    Him: (upon eating one of his first Bottle Caps ever) Wow, the root beer ones really taste like root beer.
    Me: And the snozberry ones taste like snozberries!

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