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  1. Anthropologie Does Gardens?

    In recent years, I have grown very attracted to the idea of tending the earth and nurturing plants and generally being more of a green thumb instead of a brown thumb(?). I have two plants thriving indoors even though I just discovered that the root system of my third was eaten by worms. I also have several on the veranda that haven’t died yet. I can’t wait to start my herb garden. Et cetera, et cetera.

    Today I was getting some of my Daily Danny, and he posted about terrariums at a store called Terrain:

    Terrain is a new concept store by the people behind Anthropologie, with a focus more on gardening, household plants and all the lovely accessories that go along with raising and growing plants at home.

    If ever I need another reason to move back, I think this might just be it. I love (and I mean loooooove) Anthropologie, so I can only imagine what Terrain is like. Danny’s posting photos soon. Eee!

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  2. Artsy-Fartsy

    I’m loving this: Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today?. She draws what she buys. Simple as that.

    Short of making a resolution for the new year, I really would like to do more drawing in 2009. I seem to remember saying that a couple years ago too. Hmm.

    On that note, for future reference: Doodlers Anonymous.

    ** Get the book Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? at Amazon.

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  3. Methodology

    I just found out about Method Lust over at The Dieline. Even though we have some Method products at the grocery store here, I do have their holiday air fresheners on my Christmas list for my parents.

    ** Stock up on Method goodies at Amazon.

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  4. Linky Links

    The Paupered Chef – I may have put this one before.

    Oh, Sunday School – cute

    Red Bubble – for all you artsy folk, they’ll make cards and t-shirts and prints of your work for your customers.

    Quick Indian Cooking – because someday I’ll make it from scratch.

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  5. For Future Perusal

    For the next available free moment between now and October.

    Earthlust: stainless steel water bottles

    Kir De Vries: online store with Earthlust products… and also Shinzi Katoh bento boxes?! links to pretty things

    Write On and More: even more links to pretty things, including the beautiful Blue Leaves

    Expat Women: misery loves company, I guess?

    Wists: Make your own wishlists… if you want.

    All these are brought to you by a sudden urge to find a new handbag before we go to Perth. (Though, maybe I should just get one there — even I can’t resist their shopping opportunities.) However, as you can see, there are no links to handbags. Oops. Back to work.

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  6. Here in My Car I Feel Safest of All
    It’s New Car Day! Hooray! We have the day off, and I thought we would sleep in and then go later in the afternoon. But no, I think I was awake by 7:30 and raring to go. It’s so exciting. Our CAR is parked underneath me as I type. We went and got groceries in OUR CAR. I went through three roundabouts in OUR CAR. I’m ready to take a roadtrip in OUR CAR!

    We’re a little split on the name. I wanted it to be sort of “Man from Snowy River” themed, since it is a Colt. The thing is that I can’t remember any of the horses’ names from the movie. Bess was the one who died at the beginning, right? And then I’m not sure any of the other ones had names. Just “the Brumbies”, I think.

    But we’ve got it narrowed down to either Clancy or JESSICA!. Not Jessica. You have to say it like you’ve just spent the night looking for her in the rain. JESSICA! Maybe the car can have two names. Clancy for when it’s behaving well, and JESSICA! when it’s giving me grief.

    ** Check out Jim, Jessica, Spur & Clancy in The Man From Snowy River at Amazon.

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  7. Linky Links

    Dutch Word of the Day — I’m newly recommitted to learning the Dutch that I abandoned quite a while ago.

    CraftGossip — lots of crafty ideas, and from there I found Jon’s Thread Escapades, a blog about tatting. I started learning to tat from my Grandma years and years ago. That’s another thing I feel like I should consider taking up again.

    Vinyl Record Headbands — here’s a craft for Alyda!

    Cake Wrecks — I can’t remember where I found this one, but it shows when cake decorating goes wrong, all wrong.

    Basic Instructions — Another one I’ve had open for a few days, so I can’t remember where it came from. But it’s a pretty funny webcomic. (Even though I hate them for not having their top banner return to the home page. Who doesn’t do that?)

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  8. Linky Links

    The Traveler’s Notebook and The Nine Commandments of Travel Writing via Write to Travel.

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  9. Trust Me

    Okay, so if yesterday’s post didn’t convince you to love Pinback, I’ll give it another shot. (Was I wrong about Family Force Five?) But first…

    I woke up this beautiful, rainy morning with a song in my head. Actually just some doot-doot-doots. While not being COMPLETELY tone deaf, my efforts to sing the melody to Hans were mostly in vain.

    That’s when he introduced me to It is so freaking ridiculous. You go there and tap in the rhythm of the song you’re thinking of, and it will spit back a list of potential songs. It has yet to miss for me. The song is always there.

    So I tapped in the rhythm that was in my head, and about halfway down the list I spied Pinback. Of course that was the one. It’s called “Loro”. It’s the last song on their myspace player. It was apparently also on the Elizabethtown soundtrack. (But I don’t endorse that movie, because they LIED. That was SO NOT the Nashville airport.) And it’s stuck in my head.

    ** Previously: My post on “Good to Sea” by Pinback.
    ** Get the Elizabethtown DVD or the Elizabethtown Soundtrack: Volume 2 at Amazon.

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  10. McYum!

    This past Saturday we had what I consider to be one of my all-time favourite days in recent history. We had a bit of a sleep in, which is one of my greatest pastimes. But then we hurried to get ready so that we could walk down to McDonalds before they changed their breakfast menu.

    The goal was to have the limited edition McAmerica. I may have completely lost my taste for what American bagels are supposed to be like, but this was the closest I have come to bagel perfection in the longest time. The taste, and, more importantly, the texture were EXACTLY what I was looking for in a bagel.

    I’m in love with a breakfast sandwich, people. One that I will love until it goes away on August 5.

    We then walked past the shops to pick up some food to get us through the weekend and had a lazy stroll back home. It was so glorious outside and getting a little exercise really recharged me.

    After we got home, we spent pretty much every last minute of the day playing Lego: Indiana Jones. Freaking awesome. And we’re finally getting some use out of the world’s most expensive dvd player.

    ** Check out all the Lego video games at Amazon.

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  11. Linky Links

    More expats to peruse:
    * Suzer’s Expat Adventures
    * A Girl Named Supermindy
    * Florida Girl in Sydney

    I’m pretty sure that I got this link from one of the above. A Year of Crockpotting – someone who is using their crockpot to cook every day this year. (Allison & Steve, I think we all need to try some of these recipes and share the good ones!)

    ** Check out the slow cooker options at Amazon.

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  12. The Tax Man Cometh

    Probably the worst part about being in Australia, besides the obvious lack of Dr. Pepper, is their financial year ending June 30. And because I’m never good about doing these things in a timely manner, it seems like I am under the constant weight of having to hurry and get my taxes done for one country or the other.

    So this year, I’m making a vow that I am going to stay on top of this so that when it comes time for somebody to know what I’ve earned, I can just fill out the form and be done with it instead of having to dig through files and folders and making phonecalls. It will all be right there.

    I spent the afternoon modifying the PearBudget Spreadsheet to suit my needs of tracking deductibles and things like that. While I would really love for us to be a by-the-letter budget-keeping family, we’re not quite to THAT point. But baby steps, right?

    ** For financial peace, check out the Dave Ramsey store at Amazon.

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  13. Mmm, Tasty

    I’ve been a bit unwell this past week. In fact it was exactly a week ago I was sitting slouched in my chair at work saying that I felt yucky. I then proceeded to spend the next five days on the couch. Changing from one pair of pajamas to another.

    I also became enthralled with Tasty Planner. It’s a really cute little place to post recipes, but then you can also drag your recipes into the weekly planner. This is important for us, because we do our veggie shopping fortnightly, and I need an idea of what we’re going to have otherwise a lot seems to end up in the compost.

    I only have three recipes up on my profile so far, because I think it looks nicer when they have photos. But you know how hard it is to photograph food in bad lighting, so only foods I’ve made in the daylight have made it up so far.

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  14. Tweet-a-l33t

    Twistori updates with any tweets from Twitter that include the words “I wish”, “I love”, “I hate”, “I believe”, “I feel”, or “I think”. It’s nice and pretty. Plus I just saw the funniest one ever. Someone said “I wish my lawn was emo… so it would cut itself.” Terrible, but hilarious.

    I’m also contemplating the purchase of these Twitter-inspired t-shirts. “That’s what she twittered.” Ha!

    ** Check out The World According to Twitter by David Pogue at Amazon. (Or get it for me!)

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  15. Little Joys

    ♥ I found out today that I only have $800 left on my student loan for my one year of private higher education. I’m paying off that lump sum headache tomorrow!

    ♥ I was gifted three pre-loved Bill Bryson books. I already have his full collection. Somewhere. In a box. In the back of a closet. In IOWA. I’m happy to have these on hand for a re-read. (Particularly since there’s no such thing as a bargain book in this country.)

    ♥ I love these posters. Teehee. (via the knack)

    ♥ Though the Australian dollar is extraordinarily high at the moment, I might be learning towards sending my mom (or someone in FLORIDA) to Bed Bath & Beyond to get this butter keeper instead of the expensive handmade ones. Does that make me a bad person?

    ** Get your own cute butter keeper at Amazon.

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  16. Linky-Links

    While I’m taking a little break for sanity’s sake, these are some links to remind myself later. (Most are probably from Not Martha, but I’ve got a dozen tabs open and have lost track now.)

    Open Faces Egg Salad & Watercress Sandwich: even though I’m not a super egg-salad fan, this is making my mouth water.

    Favourite Egg Recipes: as I hope to have fresh eggs soon, if Pepper doesn’t turn out to be a rooster.

    ♥ For the girls, Mon.thly: Keep track of when Aunt Irma is due to visit next. (And if you haven’t seen this episode of The IT Crowd, do yourself a favour.)

    (And yes, I’m aware that I’m now spelling in British English. I’m trying to get into the habit so that it makes the transcripts easier. I still have no idea when to use “-ize” or “-ise” though.)

    Pancetta Cups & Hollandaise, at the cutely named Iron Stef. (Can you tell I’m really into food and cooking lately?)

    Gardening in Containers: my sister-in-law has a thriving herb garden in a tub outside. My MIL just started some tomatoes in a bucket, and I’m thinking I need to be getting in on this growing action. I really want to grow chives as they are so hit or miss at the markets lately.

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  17. Linky Links

    ♥ Love, LOVE this Vintage Pillowcase Lunchbox now with tutorial!

    ♥ Oh em gee… homemade butter with bonus buttermilk. That sounds wonderful. I just don’t know how quickly we could use it. Of course, if it is that good, we probably won’t have trouble finding places to spread it. (And my buttermilk waffles are pretty much to die for.)

    Embroidery Transfers… gosh, I’m turning into my grandmother.

    ♥ Gosh I miss NPR. That earlier site linked to The Splendid Table, my old Sunday-drive-home-from-church show. Oh, how I miss you, Fresh Air, This American Life, Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, and even you, Car Talk.

    Reversible Wrap-Skirt Pattern PDF: I miss my sewing machine!

    ** Check out books by Lynne Rossetto Kasper at Amazon.

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  18. Post-Its to Myself

    Sites I’m going to need to find back:
    How About Orange. Nice. My bathroom is accented with orange. My signature flower is orange. I like orange too.
    Doughnut Muffins recipe. I’m not really a super doughnut fan, but muffins make my morning. Somehow I can’t wait to try these.

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  19. Links So I Can Finally Close Firefox without Losing Them All

    Dining Down Under: Australian Recipes
    Craftzine: Bird Quilt – should I ever find the time and patience to take up quilting
    State Bird Patterns of Martha Stewart
    Dacia Ray maker of above quilt and crafter of greatness
    Mizuhiki Heart Knot at Craftzine – for Valentines?
    Zakka Life – maker of hearts and other things
    Decor8 – right up there with Design*Sponge in terms of home lust
    Visualizing the Bible via
    notmartha – I always stumble across notmartha and then forget and then restumble and forget
    Tiny Choices – It’s true. Their posts about water bottles are just feeding my own paranoia.
    Brownie Points Blog – food blog with beautiful photos and great ideas
    Miss Ginsu – more food blogging and other stuff including a homemade bitters recipe. I’m so making that.
    Broccoli Beef Recipe – I used the ingredient search on the other night to find something different to make with the items I had on hand, and it turned out to be really tasty.
    Invent Your Own Casserole – the basic steps to making a casserole
    What on Earth – a catelog I used to get

    These were probably all found via the site one or two above it, so sorry for not giving props if you were the one who led me there.

    ** Get issues of Craft Magazine at Amazon.

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  20. Pretty Things

    Yesterday, for the first time in a long while, I found a whole bunch of sites on the internet that interested me. I’ve been quite un-entertained by the w-cubed lately, thus the lack of posting perhaps.

    It all started with the discovery of Below the Clouds… a site on which I cannot read a word, but the pictures and hyperlinks have lead me to such amazing finds, such as:
    handpresso: if you ever find me camping (which is highly unlikely), I would most likely be found with one of these beautiful coffee-making devices.

    Retro Joy: hello! A candle holder that looks like the base of a joystick. Does it get any cooler?

    Moss Online: store with many pretty things I’ll never order.

    A Low Impact Woodland Home: so hobbity, so earth-friendly, so how I wish I could be knowing realistically it will never happen.

    Cassette Tape Dispenser: it’s a sticky-tape dispenser shaped like a cassette tape. Love it!

    ♥ I also found Bella Dia today through one of the sites I linked yesterday. Just love those yarn ball flowers.

    ** You can get the Handpresso Portable Espresso Machine at Amazon. (If you love me, you may also get me the Handpresso Wild Outdoor Picnic Set with Deluxe Case… so beautiful!)

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  21. Crafty (& Stuff) Links

    DIY Swiffer covers made from fleece or microfiber.

    CraftChi: so many cute crafty ideas there. I am so making an apron like this. These embroidery cards are really cute too… if only had I had some thread I needed to store.

    Curbly: Make your home a better place. (where I found the apron link)

    Real Simple Cleaning Chart — I’ve been all about “spring” cleaning lately.

    ♥ How-to: Fusing plastic bags


    ** Check out the Real Simple library at Amazon.

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  22. Ants in My Pants

    Being in the house all day long over Christmas break, I had to face what I feared most. The ants don’t only come out on the weekends, and in fact, spend all day every day trekking through my house in search of a moth carcass or a lost crumb. It was when they started coming in through the BEDROOM window, going down the wall, under the bed, and out into the hallway that I really lost my shizz.

    Let me point out that I KNOW ants, okay? It’s not like Iowa or Michigan or Indiana or Tennessee were somehow ant-free zones, and this is a totally new experience for me. (Not like when I moved to Michigan and faced cockroaches for the first time in my life… I mean, eww!) I realize that ants are everywhere, but it is the sheer number of ants that we have here that is absolutely mind-boggling. It’s not even one KIND of ant… I can at any given moment stand outside and point out at least four different varieties traipsing around.

    (I was trying to find a link for you to show all the different kinds, but it was giving me the heebie-jeebies. Google it for yourself.)

    What was worse was that people trying to console me were just feeding me lies.

    LIE #1 – They’re harmless.

    If the only reason I notice that there are ants on the floor in the living room is because I’m sitting on the couch and have just got bitten in the sensitive area between my toes, then I’m sorry, but they’re NOT harmless.

    LIE #2 – At least they’re not dirty.
    What? Seriously? They’re bugs. I don’t care if they just took a bath. If they are carving their way through MY FOOD, they are DIRTY.

    LIE #3 – This is Queensland. There’s not much you can do about ants.
    Wrong-o. That’s why they invented exterminators.

    So after some tears and wailing that I could never open my home to another guest ever, we made a booking with Elders. (Super easy to do, book right online.)

    The guy came on Tuesday, and I am feeling much better about life.

    The Spider That Nearly Ate Me
    Interestingly, the same morning that the pest-control guy came was the same morning that I saw my first huntsman inside the house in ages. I couldn’t have just spotted it from afar. No, this one was hiding in the little jar of kitchen utensils I have on my kitchen counter. So when I picked up the tongs to get my chicken out of the oven, it came RUNNING UP MY ARM before I shook it off in mild convulsions. It ran under the dishwasher and was later found gasping for breath after the Elders guy sprayed under there. Sorry, buddy. MY house. Don’t forget it.

    And More on the Ants
    So Wednesday we were walking home from the train, eagerly looking forward to spending some time in the ant-free zone. We were walking through a semi-wooded area, when I felt the bite of a meat ant through my stocking. We made the mistake of stopping to try and remove it, not realizing a nest nearby must have been recently disrupted. Soon there were twenty or more on me and twice as many on Hans — all madly trying to gnaw through the leather of our shoes or the flesh on our bodies. It was absolutely disgusting, and once we had kicked them all off, it took all my strength to make it the rest of the way home without vomiting. A mistake that will not be made again soon, to be sure.

    ** For the only GOOD ant in this world, check out the Adam Ant store at Amazon.

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  23. Tidbits

    ♥ The photos below were from our Australia Zoo adventure last week. Despite the wind and rain, it was a wonderful day. We saw Terri feed the crocs. Got to see the tiger cubs. I was most impressed that they promote recycling and use real silverware and crockery to reduce waste… love it! I am now reading Terri’s book My Steve and relate to it in a weird way.

    Lego Batman is coming… eeee!

    ♥ Two youtube videos you really need to watch: 24: the Unaired 1994 Pilot (omg!) and Trajen is the Movie Font.

    ♥ We are trying to get back into our jetlagged routine from last year when we got up early and went to bed early and thusly did not suffer in the heat so much on the way to work. We’ve worked up to 6:00 with 5-5:30 being the goal. I’m a bit cranky.

    ♥ I am seriously thinking about getting YogaToes. I have no idea why.

    ♥ Our illness at the beginning of the holidays is now under suspicion after we returned to work to discover that six of the ten of us who went to dinner that Friday night before were all hating life on Sunday. For the record, I thought the place was skanky the moment we walked in.

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  24. On the Third Day of Christmas [Holidays]…

    Well today things are better… mostly. Yesterday I woke up with a 24-hour flu bug or something, but it wasn’t pretty. I was finally able to sit upright and had some mashed potatoes around 5:00.

    So today the house isn’t immaculate and the motivation to cook a feast is barely there, but I don’t even care anymore. Hubby was starting to feel a little blergy this morning, so I think the goal is just to stay well and not worry about the rest.

    Decorative Ideas
    For next year from Sunset Magazine:
    Decorate with Winter Greens
    Fragrant Fir Snowflakes
    Festive Berries
    Tabletop Floral Trees

    ** You can subscribe to Sunset Magazine at Amazon.

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  25. More Christmas Whinging

    It’s the heat. Christmas is not supposed to be hot. “Christmas in July” is a cute little way to rouse up sales in American summer, but seriously think about moving all your Christmas traditions to the hottest time of the year.

    What I have always loved about the holidays is the coziness of it all. Curling up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket watching movies with Dad. Spending all day in the kitchen cooking with Mom and sipping apple cider when there is a break. Watching the snow fall around the street lights, and maybe tossing a handful at a sibling.

    Now I’m trying to figure out how to keep my chocolate from melting. The last thing I want to do is turn on the oven for any reason to contribute to the heat. Even candles add to the sizzle. (But I’m going to be burning my pine-smelling candle anyway.)

    All this to say that I decided if I can’t be IN the cold, at least I can make it LOOK like I am. It started when I found the little stuffed snowman that Chris & Marj gave me during my first Christmas season here when I lived with them.

    Then I saw these:
    ♥ Yarn snowballs… cutest photo foundhere. (She also made the cutest bag out of an old suit jacket, and I’m totally stealing that idea.)
    ♥ Here is a different take on that idea here with yarn ornaments. Not nearly as cute, but I like the idea of hanging them too. (Will have to check out the rest of that Simply Green site for lots of reuse/recycle ideas.)
    ♥ We’ve all made paper snowflakes before, but I’ve never seen any like these. I might have a play with some of my scrapbooking paper this afternoon and try those.

    Without a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby within a gazillion miles (*sigh*), I had to run to the cheapie shop up the street where I did find styrofoam balls and then raided MIL’s yarn stash. The fuzziest white I could find was of the “feather” variety, which is apparently the bane of knitters everywhere. But it worked out sufficiently for this year.

    (Hastily snapped photo this morning.)

    The final display isn’t done. Made a couple non-trad coloured snowballs to match the baubles on the tree, but they may go. Had a long string of giant faux-pearls, but they look more like hailstones. 🙂

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