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  1. Ocean Moonrises

    Then last night we went down to the Gold Coast for dinner. Someone had recommended Matsuzaka to us for the Teppanyaki (where the table is around a chef who cooks for you), and I’m recommending it to you. Be sure to request Chef Phil. He is personable and really made the experience enjoyable.

    So enjoyable that I completely over-ate and was miserable well into the night. But it was so delicious. We had chicken and beef and fried rice and scallops, prawns & I tried morton bay bugs for the first time. I’m not a huge seafood fan, but the sauce they put on the bugs was incredible. We nearly licked our plates.

    Another special moment for the night was when we were walking to the restaurant along the shore. The huge orange moon was just coming up and reflecting over the ocean. There have not been many opportunities for this Iowa girl to see such a magnificent sight, and I almost didn’t want to go inside just to savour a few extra moments.

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  2. Free Stuff

    So the other day I found out about PureProfile. It’s one of those places where you sign up and tell them about yourself, and then they pay you to click on links or take surveys.

    I used to be in one in the States, though I’ve forgotten the name. But I figured I could sign up and see what happens. Worst case scenario, I get a few additional spam emails or something.

    In two days, I’ve made a whopping $.70, but apparently if you do surveys, they give you more for your time. I only had to click on a few links, and a couple of them were actually interesting. I just thought I’d mention it in case anybody else out there wants to earn a couple bucks, albeit quite slowly. (If you do decide to sign up, would you be so kind as to use my referral number? I think I get a bonus or pats on the back or something.)

    One of the sites I had to go to was called Vibe Village. I signed up for that one too. They send out products for you to try, give feedback and hopefully share with your friends. I got accepted into a program for a fiber supplement (hmm, yummy), so you can be sure I’ll let you know how that goes.

    That’s all. We’re going out tonight and get to take a CityCat, so I’m pretty much excited about that. Whee!

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  3. Save Electricity, Kill Trees

    This morning we were leaving the train station, and there was a group of people handing out postcards. Having seen the logo before, I pulled Hans around them and told him not to accept one. Sure enough, when we passed the garbage can outside, there were dozens and dozens of postcards reminding people about Earth Hour. Ugh, at least offer a recycle bin for people.

    I hate Earth Hour. Something about it irks me to no end. Like, ooo, let’s shut our lights off for ONE, single, solitary hour (while using batteries and burning candles) and then pat ourselves on the back for helping save the Earth.

    How about having Earth DAY? Where we consider turning all our electronics OFF instead of on standby. Where we choose our products based on the amount of packaging and the recycleability of that packaging. Where we take public transport instead of idling by ourselves in our cars on the freeway.

    I realize that Earth HOUR is just the beginning, but I just think it’s a lame beginning.

    But that’s me. I recycle. I compost. I am soon to be getting my eggs directly from the chicken. I want to try canning and growing a window-box herb garden. And I’ll shut my lights off for Earth Hour… because we’ll be gone.

    I just had to quote this person who is also anti-Earth Hour:

    Participation in Earth Hour is a salve for people who are otherwise thoughtless about their impact on the environment. It becomes a one hour penance for spendthrift activity and as soon as it is over, they can go back to their TVs and entertainment units, and continue to live their lives the way they always have.
    Woolly Days

    ** Check out the compost supplies at Amazon.

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  4. Speaking of Good Food

    I know not many of you dear readers are Brisbanites, but may I recommend Tongue & Groove in West End. Hans had a show there on Wednesday, so we grabbed a bite to eat between set-up and show. Granted, they did lose our order so we were good and hungry by the time food came, but while others might have been perturbed, we weren’t in a hurry. Plus they gave us some risotto balls when they realized the error.

    I have seriously been thinking about the pumpkin & risotto tortellini for the past two days. (And I only swiped a couple off of Hans’s plate.) I had the chicken salad, which was AMAZING with its sundried tomatoes, pinenuts, brie & dijon thyme dressing. I haven’t craved going back to a restaurant this much since Mama Carolla’s. (And y’all know how much I miss my Mama’s!)

    It’s good. Can’t wait to go back. The potato wedge-like things were great too. Yum.

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