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  1. Nature Kids Strike Again

    I’ve been feeling more and more outdoorsy, which is pretty out of character for me. But after having my parents here, I’ve been feeling a bit more adventurous and curious about the world around me. Spring always helps too, with all the new life abounding.

    Saturday night we were sitting at the table, and we heard a kind of squalking noise coming from outside. Concerned that it might be Frida, we went out to check. It clearly wasn’t coming from the chicken coop, but it took us a while to locate the noise coming from a hollow in the macadamia tree outside our door.

    We got out the flashlight and brought out a chair to stand on. Eventually out popped the head of the cutest little green treefrog. He was covered with ants though, but he went back down in the hole before we could help him out. So we poured water down in hopes that he just needed a rinse.

    Then on Sunday morning, we went outside to find two fuzzy baby tawny frogmouths in a tree. They are so, SO cute. I really wanted to get a photo from the front, but he wouldn’t turn for me. When they are little, their entire faces are eyeballs. So adorable.

    Tawny Baby

    Oh! I just found someone else’s photos of a baby tawny too. This is a great one from the front. I just want to hug him and squish him and call him George. And this one reminds me of Fizgig.

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  2. Australian Icon

    Our flight path to Perth went right past Uluru. It was pretty amazing to see, even from that distance. I am hoping that we get there someday.


    ** Check out Seeking the Centre: The Australian Desert in Literature, Art and Film at Amazon.

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  3. West Coast and Back

    With sunrises like this, can you see why I didn’t want to leave?

    Harbour Sunrise

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  4. Back from the Bunyas

    We’ve been busy.
    We’re tired.
    But we are having a great time.

    Australian flower


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  5. Flower Photos

    A couple of weeks ago, we had a picnic at the Botanic Gardens at Mount Coot-tha. It was such a lovely day. (And then we came home to find out about Dixie, so I wasn’t really excited about posting the photos.) A sampling of the photos are below. You may click for more.

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  6. Roadtrip!

    In an effort to raise my comfort level behind the wheel, we decided to take a little roadtrip today to a few more miles (kilometers) under my belt. We headed West and ended up in Laidley. I’m too tired to write about our adventures at the moment, but after today, I have a renewed love for Australian scenery.

    Cunningham's Lookout

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  7. I ♥ Askinosie Chocolate

    Askinosie Chocolate
    On Friday we came across a new indulgence, Askinosie Chocolate. The beautiful organic packaging is what drew us in, and we couldn’t resist purchasing one of the 70% dark and one 75% dark chocolate nibble bars with actual roasted cocoa nibs. Their beans are single-source, and the package even has a photo of the farmer on it.

    The packaging led me to their website, where I could enter a number on the package and see the history from beans to bar. I also had a look at their FAQ, and the ethics behind this company make me a real cheerleader. I want them to do well, and I want everyone to support them. They go beyond “fair trade”. They do right by the farmers and share any extra profits. It’s so beautiful. Be sure to go read their story.

    On top of all that, it is REALLY good. Almost badgood. I predict a serious breakout in my future. We stopped eating the one bar long enough for me to take that photo, but I’m sure the other bar won’t last long either.

    Brisbanites can get it at Biome in Paddington for sure, though I haven’t been to the city location and don’t see in on their website.

    Linky Links
    The Askinosie packaging was featured on, which collects all the best in pretty packaging. I’m such a sucker for lovely design, so I plan on visiting this site more often!

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  8. When the Cat’s Away

    Box came for the boss today from one of our suppliers. Boss isn’t here. Box was opened to make sure that it wasn’t some sort of explosive devise. Box turns out to contain a fruit bouquet. Fruit bouquets do not survive the weekends well. So we ate it.

    But we took a picture so he could see what he missed. Now it’s 4:00, and I’m bored. BORED!

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  9. Spaced Out

    Last Monday we were both home sick. I happened to discover the news article about Phoenix landing on Mars. I don’t know why I care about that stuff, because I tend to think that money could be better spent trying to save life on THIS planet instead of trying to find life on others. But yeah, there is still a sense of mystery and adventure that consumes me. Witness:

    I only have this picture because the person who is supposed to love me most in the world thought I looked hilarious and wanted to show me. That’s our marriage in a nutshell.

    And yes, I’m wearing a scarf and sweater. And yes, that is my stocking cap on the couch next to me. What can I say? It’s cold in our house in the morning.

    ** Check out Phoenix Mars Mission: Onto the Ice at Amazon.

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  10. ♥ Two Years ♥

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  11. Cheep Cheep Cheep

    So my mother-in-law gave me a baby chicken. I’m not 100% sure I ever WANTED a baby chicken, but I now have one. (I think this is why the RSPCA doesn’t recommend giving animals as gifts… of course, you can’t eat a kitten if you decide you don’t want it after Christmas is over.)

    Her name is Pepper (or Pepertje), and she is an Australorp. And she is going to be big and black and is apparently going to be laying lots of eggs for me. (Again, I’m not sure I ever wanted to have an intimate knowledge of exactly where my eggs come from, but mother-in-law knows best.)

    I’ve never been much of a bird person for many of the same reasons that I’m not a moth or butterfly person. Not so much a fan of things flying at my face. But I have to admit I’ve fallen in love. I mean, how can you not love this face?

    Or this tookus?

    I’m now a faithful reader of, and I worry about her while I’m gone during the day. She’s my little chickie!

    ** Check out The Joy of Keeping Chickens: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Poultry for Fun or Profit at Amazon.

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  12. On Holiday

    I’ve been busy enjoying my holidays.
    (Photos from Australia Zoo.)
    I’ll be back in love with the internet again soon.

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  13. More Christmas Whinging

    It’s the heat. Christmas is not supposed to be hot. “Christmas in July” is a cute little way to rouse up sales in American summer, but seriously think about moving all your Christmas traditions to the hottest time of the year.

    What I have always loved about the holidays is the coziness of it all. Curling up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket watching movies with Dad. Spending all day in the kitchen cooking with Mom and sipping apple cider when there is a break. Watching the snow fall around the street lights, and maybe tossing a handful at a sibling.

    Now I’m trying to figure out how to keep my chocolate from melting. The last thing I want to do is turn on the oven for any reason to contribute to the heat. Even candles add to the sizzle. (But I’m going to be burning my pine-smelling candle anyway.)

    All this to say that I decided if I can’t be IN the cold, at least I can make it LOOK like I am. It started when I found the little stuffed snowman that Chris & Marj gave me during my first Christmas season here when I lived with them.

    Then I saw these:
    ♥ Yarn snowballs… cutest photo foundhere. (She also made the cutest bag out of an old suit jacket, and I’m totally stealing that idea.)
    ♥ Here is a different take on that idea here with yarn ornaments. Not nearly as cute, but I like the idea of hanging them too. (Will have to check out the rest of that Simply Green site for lots of reuse/recycle ideas.)
    ♥ We’ve all made paper snowflakes before, but I’ve never seen any like these. I might have a play with some of my scrapbooking paper this afternoon and try those.

    Without a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby within a gazillion miles (*sigh*), I had to run to the cheapie shop up the street where I did find styrofoam balls and then raided MIL’s yarn stash. The fuzziest white I could find was of the “feather” variety, which is apparently the bane of knitters everywhere. But it worked out sufficiently for this year.

    (Hastily snapped photo this morning.)

    The final display isn’t done. Made a couple non-trad coloured snowballs to match the baubles on the tree, but they may go. Had a long string of giant faux-pearls, but they look more like hailstones. 🙂

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  14. Decking the Halls

    We decked the halls literally with boughs of holly this year.

    I used pipe cleaners and red jingle bells to make the berries.

    We got the holly branches and some pine branches at the markets. Why are all the “Christmas-y” plants the ones that can poke and jab you to death? I should have dug out my gardening gloves!

    The inspiration to actually put up the tree and get into the holiday spirit was two boxes that arrived in the mail from America chockablock with pressies. (Australian for “full of presents”.)

    Family picture…

    And since I’m posting photos, this is the one that was in the paper the other day. Page 2.

    Culture Shocked & Homesick
    I had a really weepy Saturday. We were at the markets, and a mentally handicapped young man, maybe 22 or 23 years old, sat down at our table with us. He gingerly held his basketball and bottle of orange soda. Just the way that he acted made the tears well up as it reminded me so much of when my brother was coming out of his coma almost three years ago.

    And then there was getting ready for Christmas knowing that I’ll be here and my family will be there and that is that. I don’t see how it will ever feel normal, at this point… but maybe it takes a few years. This is only my second since we went back last year.

    Saturday night Hans ordered pizza so we wouldn’t have to cook, and we curled up on the couch to watch Glory. It was a perfectly good excuse to have a little cry.

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  15. Too Long for Summer

    It’s cooler, lighter, and maybe six inches shorter.

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  16. Viva Italia!
    Last night we had Italian night. I don’t know what drives me to do it, but sometimes I feel compelled to go completely overboard. For example, when making chalupas, I pull out the cactus…es… (cacti?) and put candles in sand and call the place EL GATO’S complete with little menus with a blue cat on them.

    Right, so for Italian night, it was a bit disappointing to learn that “cat” is also “gato”… but it is “il gato’s” instead. Fine.

    After getting some inspiration from eHow’s How to Host an Italian Night, we picked up some decorations from the cheap shop. A little ivy and grapes…


    A $5 work of art and flowers from the market…

    I also got a plastic red-checkered table cloth and an oil jar from the cheap shop. I got to use my little canapé plates for the first time. We had mini dishes with Italian seasoning, salt & cracked pepper at each setting and added olive oil just before the bread came out.

    I managed to hunt down a chianti in the wicker-bottomed bottle on Friday to my delight. I really just wanted it for the look, never having tasted it before. It was a nice compliment to the food.

    After the olive bread and olives/sundried tomatoes/artichokes, we whipped up the main dish — my mom’s simple yet spectacular fettuccine alfredo dusted with nutmeg and steamed asparagus. (Yes, that’s butter. And no, it’s not exactly a low-fat meal… but delish!)


    We finished off with tiramisu cupcakes from the markets and a lovely Italian moscato d’asti recommended by the friendly man at the bottle shop. (Speaking of whom, I believe he even gave us the chianti for free after looking at our receipt later.)
    tiramisu cupcakes

    So it was a really fun night. There was lots of laughter and good conversation. We were serenaded by Josh Groban and Pavarotti and good ol’ Dean Martin. Good times.

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  17. Here Kitty Kitty
    Yesterday, my brother-in-law got us all on this ship:

    Then we climbed up six stories to the area by that lamp at the end of the t-bar up there:

    So we could look across the river and see this:

    It was actually really windy up there:

    And even though we were still across the river, we could see the USS Kitty Hawk pretty good through the binoculars:

    Though probably the best/weirdest part of the ship tour was seeing this poster:

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  18. Look Ma — I’m Eating Waffles!
    I can’t remember ever REALLY liking pancakes, mostly because I find maple syrup too sweet. Growing up, we didn’t have a waffle iron in my household, but I didn’t feel like I was missing much with the aforementioned aversion to the default sweet sauce people feel compelled to put on them.

    Sometime in my 20s (goodness, I’m old), I discovered IHOP and their crepes of joy. Cheese blintzes with strawberries? Yes, please. Why didn’t someone alert me to the greatness of alternate pancake toppings sooner?

    A while back, we bought the cutest little waffle iron for Hans. Combine that with my killer recipe for buttermilk waffles, and you get this:


    Seriously, if I had known it was acceptable to incorporate ice cream into breakfast this way sooner, I would have become a huge waffle advocate… and by huge, I mean about 200 pounds heavier… but still.

    And while I’m uploading photos, this is the candle shade I was talking about the other day:


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  19. Brrr
    I know I can’t seem to do anything but complain about the heat here… but dang it’s cold. Record cold for the area, in fact. It translates to around 40 degrees (F) with wind chill.

    Sidebar Updates
    I’ve added a few more Americans in Australia over to the right. Audra is a Californian (I think) in Sydney. The Briddles are New Englanders in Perth (my city of choice if I had to move somewhere else in oz). And Outback Dobbs has been linked to before, but they’re in Melbourne. It’s somewhat therapeutic to read the thoughts of people in similar situations.

    Good Golly — Galahs!
    I snapped a photo of the galahs this morning on our walk to the train. I cut out one of them that was facing the camera, and I know it’s a bad photo… but I’m still amazed by the wildlife that I’m surrounded by here.

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  20. Here are a few quick photos I’ve uploaded from our trip to the Bunya Mountains last weekend.

    This is a photo of the house where we stayed. (Click pics for larger size.)

    Every morning we woke up to the view of clouds rolling through the valley. It was absolutely beautiful. Then as the sun came up, they would melt off until the next morning.

    In the words of the Carpenters, I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation. It’s actually just me on our “mountain”.

    The house was constantly surrounded by little (red-necked?) wallabies eating the grass. I took this photo one morning at the top of our driveway.

    I’m not exactly what you’d call a nature girl, but somehow we thought it would be a good idea to climb the vines of this tree. And it’s a wonder that wasn’t the one who ended up with a tick!

    This is us in the rainforest on our first anniversary. Yay!

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  21. I Have a New Friend
    And feeding apples to horses is not as easy as it looks.

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  22. Market Morning
    I wasn’t consulted when it was determined that we’d be going to the markets at 6:00 in the morning, but who am I kidding– I love Market Saturdays.

    Especially when it means coming home with Easter flowers to put in a champagne glass and black tea with vanilla and cornflower petals.

    Pretty Links
    These people apparently have more time to find pretty things than I do these days, so these are for my reference and possibly yours.

    And speaking of awesome… Good Friday is a public holiday here. So is the Monday following Easter — called Easter Monday, those clever Aussies. Yesterday I built most of my filing cabinet, played DSs with Lisa, had pizza for dinner and played Killer Bunnies my in-law-in-laws (my sister-in-law’s family). I don’t have to work until Wednesday — hip, hip, hooray!

    Something is going on with the comments where it says that they are archived instead of how many there really are. Weird.

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