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  1. So Much To Do, So Little Time

    We’re in Florida hanging with friends who are more like family… if our family was a bit dysfunctional. (I know she’ll object to that statement, but all I’m going to do is mention “frogs”… and I rest my case.)

    A year and a half of multiple longings have been quenched since we got here. We’ve had Chick’n Minis for breakfast two days in a row. We’ve had numerous Starbucks coffees. (Not the greatest coffee in the world, no. But it’s like a comfort beverage to me.)

    Another highlight was going to Anthropologie, a favourite of mine since forever. I got a frame, a little bird thingie, and an apron.

    Tomorrow we might even get to see NASA’s rocket launch depending what’s happening. Cool, eh?

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  2. Survey Says…

    Last July, I wrote about this survey place I found called PureProfile. I signed up and have been slowly ticking up the cash in 10-cent intervals. (Actually for a survey, I usually get $2.)

    The reason I mention it again is just because the other day I took a survey about plastic shopping bags. And then on Friday I happened to see the results of the survey written up in an article in the Courier Mail.

    “The survey found that 83 per cent of Australians want a national ban on non-biodegradable plastic bags, while 79 per cent of respondents want electronic waste to be barred from landfills.”

    Look at me contributing! So yeah, it’s been interesting, and I’ve made an easy $60 so far. If you want to sign up, you can use my referral number to show some love. πŸ™‚

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  3. Everyone Makes Mistakes

    I’m not always the master genius of spelling and punctuation, but I’m still recovering from the heart attack I had when I saw this birthday card at Officeworks the other day:

    Your Wrong
    I’ve only ever taken about three photos with my phone due to the poor quality, but this situation warranted an exception.

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  4. Maps Schmaps

    My photo of the Chinese lanterns at the Chinese New Year celebration got used in the Street Parties section of the Brisbane Schmap guide.

    Cool… I guess?

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  5. Shoes Cure the Blues

    After a breakfast meeting yesterday, we saw a friend working at a nearby vintage clothing store. As we were talking, my eye wandered to a wall of shoes. I finally couldn’t resist trying a few pairs on and ended up buying two pairs. β™₯


    They’re both size 6, and a little itty bit tight. But they are also leather and hardly worn, so I’m hoping they’ll stretch slightly. And if not, I will grin and suffer.

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  6. Stuff and Stuff

    I’ve got some transcript work again which is keeping me busy. Today was filled with the discovery of Heracleion. Next up a doco on the seven wonders of the ancient world. Woo!

    Ahead of a busy weekend, we decided to head to South Bank for dinner at Ginga, our favourite! Then we had a stroll through the markets, and I ended up buying a big, floppy sun hat from this beautiful Serbian woman.

    And I’ll leave you with a song I can’t stop playing. Some say it’s very Kate Bush. Hans says it’s Clannad-y. And I hear Fleetwood Mac. Whatever it is, I like it.

    Bat For Lashes – Daniel (HD) on Vimeo.

    ** Check out the Bat for Lashes Store at Amazon.

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  7. Perplexing Packages

    My mind is exploding from two packages sent in the mail — one received and one not.

    First, I woke up this morning to find a package from my uncle. Inside was a DVD. Cannot get the DVD to play anywhere. Suspect a bad burn, but am dying to know what was worth sticking in the mail. My mom said that my grandma also got one which didn’t play, however neither they nor my siblings got one. Hmm…

    And then the other package was an order I placed in January for the non-toxic flea spray that we have tried in the past. It still hadn’t arrived as of this week, and I thought I had given it enough time to make it through customs and all that. So I emailed the company to see if they could look up the tracking information for me.

    This morning I had an email saying that they had credited my card back and asked to let them know if we eventually receive it, and they will charge my card again.

    Umm… but… I kind of just want the flea spray.

    So now I’m weirded out. I feel like our relationship is over, like we’ve broken up through email. Do I place another order? Do I have to source another company who sells it? Do I write back and clarify? Did I ever imply that I didn’t want my order? Is it because they’re British?

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  8. February Failure

    So that self-imposed, nightly photo sorting challenge went by the wayside on Friday and didn’t happen again yesterday. And today I don’t feel like it anymore. But it was fun while it lasted.

    Friday night, Wolfmother were just walking off the stage when we made it to the venue, so I’ll never know. Judging by the sweaty mess of people leaving, I don’t think I would have wanted to be in there anyway.

    Last night we went to the CD launch of a friend, and it was so amazing. I don’t really like watching music much anymore, but I’d even go back tonight for a second performance if they decided they wanted to do it all over again.

    The other big news of the weekend is my new shoes. You can tell I’ve been here too long when I look at a pair of $35 flip-flops and think, “Hey, those are cheap!”

    But they’re called Swamisz. They’re purple. They neither flip nor flop. And best of all, they haven’t given me blisters… yet.

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  9. Link Dump

    There are some tabs I have been saving and reopening obviously since November, and it’s getting a bit ridiculous when I have to scroll for miles to get to my most recently opened ones. So here you go, my links to you:

    β™₯ Wild Rice Stuffing: This was the recipe I used for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was really yummy, even without the acorn squashes.

    β™₯ Chow Thanksgiving Ideas: Those creamy carrots… DELISH!

    β™₯ Chow Entertaining Ideas: Theme Nights!

    β™₯ Cool It Down: Chow’s Cooling Off: Icy desserts and good things like Chocolate Icebox Cake with Mascarpone and Blackberries (which we had over Christmas break). Then there’s Lemon & Mascarpone Sorbetto, which I have yet to try. And also sweet cherry sorbetto.

    β™₯ DIY Macro Photo Studio: I always see these around the place, and I’m sure I’ve probably linked before… but here you go.

    β™₯ just a random beauty site in Australia that carries Phyto.

    β™₯ French Fried Onions Recipe: You have to give up your firstborn to get your hands on a can of french fried onions around here, so I broke down and made my own last weekend using this recipe. (I practically didn’t have any left for the green bean casserole, because they were SO yummy to snack on!) I used self-rising flour and have the theory that it helped puff up the crust a bit. Who knows.

    β™₯ HTML colour chart and Color Shader. Guess who was working on websites last weekend. (If you know where to find the hubby’s homepage, have a look. WordPress kicked my ‘a’, but it’s semi-mostly done except if you’re using IE6. But then I’d like to introduce you to 2009 and tell you to update.)

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  10. iLove

    I cannot believe I am about to admit my new-found love (and complete dependence) on an Apple product. I’ve been so anti-Apple for my own self-righteous reasons, and I haven’t hated them very quietly either.

    So imagine my surprise when I opened one of my Christmas presents fromlHubby and found a nano. I hate to admit that my first thought was “what the heck am I going to do with THIS?”. The fact that it is purple DID endear it to me slightly, but honestly, we don’t take the train anymore… did he think I was going to wear it around the house?

    My next present was an FM transmitter, and he told me that he remembered me saying that I missed my radio stations back in the States and thought I might be able to find some podcasts to listen to in the car. This is why I love him to bits. Oh my goodness.

    I immediately went to iTunes and subscribed to the podcasts of This American Life, All Songs Considered, Studio 360, Fresh Air (I β™₯ Terry!), The Splendid Table and Car Talk.

    This has CHANGED MY LIFE! I cannot even put it fully into words.

    No more asinine drive-time radio djs. No more crap music. No more breaking news updates with the latest comings and goings of the Britneys and Parises of the world. I’m back to the glory days of PRI and NPR. My IQ is thanking me.

    The only thing I DO miss is the traffic reports. I take that back. I don’t even care. In fact, I almost WISH there would be a traffic jam, because then I’d get to stay in the car listening to Lynn Rosetto Kasper just that little bit longer.

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  11. I <3 Kikki K

    It seems like hardly any Australian vendors have websites which show the majority of their stock. Most post a PDF of their latest flyer and call it good.

    So I was thrilled to discover that my favourite office supply place kikki.K has a simple site with products to behold. I am allowed to buy one product every time we are at the mall, which is rare for us. So now that I can see what they have that is new, I can make plans to visit the mall more often. πŸ™‚

    My Christmas list read “anything from kikki.K”, and he delivered. In fact, tonight I am going to start going through my Donna Hays from last year and use my gifts. He got me the recipe sticky notes, this recipe box, recipe card refills, and finally the magnetic shopping list in case I decide I need some more ingredients in the house after looking at all that food!

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  12. In General

    Things are picking up. We still have no Christmas decorations out to speak of, but I’m feeling a little more interested in the holidays. We braved the mall on Sunday, and I’m feeling very confident in my gifts for He Who Buys All He Wishes For. He may not necessarily know that he wants what I’ve gotten, but I’m meeting his needs in one way or another.

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  13. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    I decided that I needed a freshen-up before our holidays. I finally found a Redken salon, and it was close to work. So I went in yesterday armed with a photo of Heidi on last week’s Project Runway. Finally got my old Shades EQ color done and chopped a lot off. Can’t say I look like Heidi Klum, but I’ve got bangs again for the first time in over a decade.

    ** Check out the Project Runway store at Amazon.

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  14. Moist Slices

    The phrase “yummy mummy” repulses me to the core.

    ** Check out the cute board book Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli at Amazon.

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  15. Hmm…

    Until this week, I was unaware that “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” was to the tune of “God Save the Queen”. Is it wrong to suggest there was some sloppy lyric-writing when it results in “Queen” rhyming with itself FOUR times?

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  16. Wondering

    Do I need to notify anyone at the national mint that we’re about to release $800+ in COINS back into circulation?

    We’re finally clearing out our change drawer, and it was, um, well overdue. I am really sad to learn that we can’t pay for anything with it though. (See Question 13.)

    ** Get a Classic Silver Piggy Bank at Amazon.

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  17. When the Cat’s Away

    Box came for the boss today from one of our suppliers. Boss isn’t here. Box was opened to make sure that it wasn’t some sort of explosive devise. Box turns out to contain a fruit bouquet. Fruit bouquets do not survive the weekends well. So we ate it.

    But we took a picture so he could see what he missed. Now it’s 4:00, and I’m bored. BORED!

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  18. Free Stuff

    So the other day I found out about PureProfile. It’s one of those places where you sign up and tell them about yourself, and then they pay you to click on links or take surveys.

    I used to be in one in the States, though I’ve forgotten the name. But I figured I could sign up and see what happens. Worst case scenario, I get a few additional spam emails or something.

    In two days, I’ve made a whopping $.70, but apparently if you do surveys, they give you more for your time. I only had to click on a few links, and a couple of them were actually interesting. I just thought I’d mention it in case anybody else out there wants to earn a couple bucks, albeit quite slowly. (If you do decide to sign up, would you be so kind as to use my referral number? I think I get a bonus or pats on the back or something.)

    One of the sites I had to go to was called Vibe Village. I signed up for that one too. They send out products for you to try, give feedback and hopefully share with your friends. I got accepted into a program for a fiber supplement (hmm, yummy), so you can be sure I’ll let you know how that goes.

    That’s all. We’re going out tonight and get to take a CityCat, so I’m pretty much excited about that. Whee!

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  19. Retail Therapy

    There’s nothing quite like starting off the day with buying two pairs of shoes. All before my second cup of coffee. The shoe store across the street from work always has sale shoes outside on a rack. We often go to the deli next door to get some banana bread for breakfast, but today the shoes drew me in.

    The picture of them here doesn’t truly convey their cuteness. But I fell in love with the black ones, and Hans said they were so cute and convinced me to get the green ones too. CUTE! (And they’re called Cute Girl… how cute is that?) And one more “cute” for good measure.

    I almost bought these too, but I thought they made my feet look large. But they are so grandma-licious, I might still go back.

    I’m thrilled to find some shoes that actually fit and aren’t extremely-wide-width, like most shoes here tend to be. I’m starting to figure out the international shoe sizes… “A 37?! But I’m a 6.5 in America!” I used to be such a shoe whore, and now it looks like I can become one again. πŸ˜€

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  20. Quote of the Day

    Regarding the fact that most of the online April Fools Day jokes will happen tomorrow…

    “It’s so hard living in the future.” ~Pete

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  21. Stuff and Things

    β™₯ My Adirondack chairs from the porch came on Monday. I put them together on Wednesday. And tomorrow I’m going to spend the entire day sitting on the veranda. LOVE THEM!

    β™₯ Hubby had his album mastered last week, and I feel one step closer to that enormous exhale of relief once it’s finally OUT. It sounds great. Someone at the office said, “It sounds like a real album, you know?” Yes. That’s the point. πŸ™‚

    β™₯ We’re still battling the flea thing at our house. That Darn CAT! I’m not keen on bombing the whole place with pesticides, but I’m getting close to doing so. I have ordered a product from the UK that is pesticide-free that hopefully will solve my problems — if it ever gets here. It’s called Skoosh. I mean, really. How can it not be awesome?

    β™₯ We got a Christmas card on Monday that was posted November 27th from Virginia Beach. I think it swam here.

    β™₯ I can’t wait to get home to see if my old Saso cd made it along to this country. I’ve got a hankerin’ for a Big Group Hug.

    β™₯ Looks like we might be doing a little get-away on the Easter 4-day weekend. Though it won’t likely involve seeing all the Nashvillians who will be around. (I canNOT believe I’m passing up the chance to see Geoff Moore. Due to becoming friends with his old merchandise manager, I have been to more of his shows than I can count. Oh well.)

    ** Check out the Geoff Moore store at Amazon.

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  22. Stuff and stuff

    I am so glad to hear I am not the only misunderstood American when it comes to the Bob/Barb issue! I don’t like the idea of having a drawl; makes me feel like I should be a gunslinger.

    We have a show tonight at the Zoo. Don’t be square.

    I joined Twitter – see sidebar. I am a lemming.

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  23. Tidbits

    β™₯ The photos below were from our Australia Zoo adventure last week. Despite the wind and rain, it was a wonderful day. We saw Terri feed the crocs. Got to see the tiger cubs. I was most impressed that they promote recycling and use real silverware and crockery to reduce waste… love it! I am now reading Terri’s book My Steve and relate to it in a weird way.

    β™₯ Lego Batman is coming… eeee!

    β™₯ Two youtube videos you really need to watch: 24: the Unaired 1994 Pilot (omg!) and Trajen is the Movie Font.

    β™₯ We are trying to get back into our jetlagged routine from last year when we got up early and went to bed early and thusly did not suffer in the heat so much on the way to work. We’ve worked up to 6:00 with 5-5:30 being the goal. I’m a bit cranky.

    β™₯ I am seriously thinking about getting YogaToes. I have no idea why.

    β™₯ Our illness at the beginning of the holidays is now under suspicion after we returned to work to discover that six of the ten of us who went to dinner that Friday night before were all hating life on Sunday. For the record, I thought the place was skanky the moment we walked in.

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  24. Christmas Tags

    I got tagged by Tommy. He tags me now and then, and while I always have the best of intentions, I seem to be pretty slack about following through on the actually posting. Be sure to read his answers — but wait until after you’ve read mine, because he’s funnier than I am.

    1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
    2) Share Christmas facts about yourself.
    3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
    4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

    1. Wrapping or gift bags? Wrapping. I love making pretty packages. (I just remembered one year the college group from church was having a Christmas party, and everyone was meant to bring a white elephant gift that was less than $5 or something like that. I took great care in wrapping mine — a mixture of a couple of different natural papers, raffia and hemp ribbons, the works. It looked good and was the first one picked and was fought over. The final present stealer opened it only to find a can of spam. Loved it!)

    2. Real or artificial tree? I don’t even think that real trees are an option here. I have never seen them advertised. I think some people might have an evergreen in a pot (but really, aren’t all trees here “ever green”?) that they might bring inside. I have my baby bunya that I haven’t killed yet, but it’s not strong enough to hold decorations, so I put a few baubles around the base.

    But yeah, we also have the artificial tree, as seen here as I can’t be bothered to repost.

    3. When do you put up the tree? Tradition dictates the day after Thanksgiving, but neither of those days were holidays here. I didn’t really have myself organized or in the mood to do it that weekend. Might have been a smidge depressed about being half a world away from my family. I think we finally got the tree up on the 1st.

    4. When do you take the tree down? Whenever we can get up the energy to do so, but definitely before the end of January.

    5. Do you like eggnog? I can’t remember the last time I had eggnog. I feel like I remember my dad making it when I was a child, but I have no real recollection of the taste nor consistency.

    6. Favorite gift received as a child? My doll Amy

    7. Do you have a nativity scene? We don’t have any spare surface area at the moment. My mom still puts out the one that my sister made in Bible school ages ago. I think that’s cute.

    8. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? It must have been the Christmas that I turned four. My grandparents gave me a set of firetrucks. Firetrucks! Granted my grandfather and dad are both firemen, but the reasoning was because they thought we needed some boyish toys in the house. A month and a bit later my brother came along. I blame him.

    9. Mail or email Christmas cards? Ugh. I think I’m going to do a New-Year’s letter instead. And it will most likely be emailed unless I pare my list down quite a bit with postage being $1.30/per for a card that people are going to throw away in a week anyway.

    Though I must say, we have gotten probably six or seven Christmas letters/pictures from friends and family this year — all from America. It’s just not something they do here.

    10. Favorite Christmas movie? Probably A Christmas Story. I’m going to miss TBS’s marathon. Oh, and I’ve never seen It’s a Wonderful Life nor Miracle on 34th Street, so maybe I just don’t know what the cinematic world has to offer in terms of Christmas movies.

    11. When do you start shopping for Christmas? I did really well this year. We got my parents’ presents in Sydney last month. Everything was in the mail to America by the 5th, I think. I was finished with Hubby by the 8th.

    12. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? My mom’s peanut brittle.

    13. Clear lights or colored? Clear. (Except I got a string of snowflake-shaped lights that turned out to have blue lights in them… what the?)

    14. Favorite Christmas song? “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

    15. Travel at Christmas or stay at home? Stay here… *sniff*

    16. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Were there nine? If so, yes.

    17. Angel or star on the top of your tree? I had a leftover silver bow that ended up getting chucked up there. I think my homemade fascinator from Melbourne Cup Day has also made it to the tree.

    18. Open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Christmas Eve. Christmas morning we’re opening my birthday presents.

    19. Most annoying thing about this time of year? That there is no

    20. What do you leave for Santa? Nothing. My parents never tried to perpetuate that myth.

    21. Least favorite holiday song? “Santa Baby”… eww, eww, eww.

    22. Do you decorate your tree with any specific theme or color? At the moment it’s purple, lime green, & silver.

    23. Favorite ornament? All of them. Hubby bought the tree and the baubles as part of my getting-engaged scavenger hunt. I had just returned from New Zealand and found the tree upstairs waiting for me… and later I found him in the park waiting for me with a ring.

    As for tagging others… nobody ever does it… so if you want to do it, please leave me a comment so I can go read your answers!

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  25. News Disservice

    The local paper has a tendency to print first, ask questions later, and here’s another example of their reporting. Take this headline: Hitler’s love child alive and well. Then read the story they are referencing here. The story suggests there MAY have been a lovechild who was adopted, but the child hasn’t been identified and thus can’t be proven to live in England or even be alive at all. They do this all the time, and it drives me crazy.

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