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  1. Kitchy

    Ahh, remember when I thought I was recommitting to blogging more regularly? Well, my life has changed dramatically since then, and I can no longer commit to that:


    ** Drool over Kitchenaid Mixers & Accessories at Amazon.

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  2. Through the Looking Glass

    This past weekend after launching a new CD on Thursday night, we took off for a little anniversary getaway. We headed up the coast on Friday and spent three nights at Glass on Glasshouse. I found that place when looking for accommodation over Easter break and thought it would make a good romantic destination. It really was perfect.

    The place is ultra-modern and two full walls are glass. (Do not worry, there are blinds.) Polished wood floors, leather lounge, huge spa bath, king-size bed, media system, and views to blow your mind.

    There was a covered porch with a dining table and electric grill. Below is the view coming down the path towards the “pod”.


    Just inside is the living room. We watched both “Bridget Jones” movies and then the Lord of the Rings trilogy — director’s cuts. Eeeep! The couch had a fold out bed, which we pulled out a couple of the nights when it was getting hard to sit and keep watching.

    Living Room

    There was a small desk where Hanslset up for a while. He was doing music, and I was on the couch backing up all my photos. Aren’t we the geeky couple? But I don’t know how he got any work done with a view like that. (And yes, Manda, those are my Spongebob slippers in the bag.)

    Next to the television was the ethanol fireplace which was double-sided and could also be seen through a glass panel from the spa.

    The giant spa bath filled from the ceiling. It seemed like a really cool and romantic idea, but to prevent it from splashing all over the whole room, it couldn’t be on much more than a dribble until it was half-full.

    Also modern and cool was the bathroom sink with water coming out of the mirror. It looked so zen, but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it was a bit gross while brushing teeth. I don’t particularly enjoy watching my spittle traveling across the porcelain square into the moat at the front and floating around to the drain in back.

    Comfortable bed and more great views. Several kangaroos would tend to hang out outside the windows on this side. The last night we slept with the blinds open and woke up to the glorious sunshine.

    I drew a quick, not-exactly-do-scale floorplan one afternoon while we were there. You can click through to flickr to see the notes explaining what each area is.

    I took along my anniversary flower that I got on Wednesday, because I wanted to enjoy it while it was still in its prime. I had it setting on the edge of the spa so that I could see it from the sofa. One morning we had the blinds down while we watched movies, but the sunlight came through one crack and made the flower glow. I didn’t even notice the reflection until after I looked back at the photos.

    Other highlights from the trip:
    ♥ Italian pasta lunch on Saturday at the fabulous discovery Cappriccio’s in Maleny. (We even tried to go back to try the pizza on Monday before we left the area, but unfortunately they were closed. We’ll be back!)

    ♥ Going for a Sunday bushwalk on the Glass House Mountain Lookout Track.

    ♥ Spending several hours strolling through Maleny on Monday before we came back home. My souvenir was a silk pillowcase from Maleny Additions. (Three days later my skin and hair are instant perfection… well, maybe not yet.)

    ** Check out cool ethanol fireplaces at Amazon.

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  3. Shoes Cure the Blues

    After a breakfast meeting yesterday, we saw a friend working at a nearby vintage clothing store. As we were talking, my eye wandered to a wall of shoes. I finally couldn’t resist trying a few pairs on and ended up buying two pairs. ♥


    They’re both size 6, and a little itty bit tight. But they are also leather and hardly worn, so I’m hoping they’ll stretch slightly. And if not, I will grin and suffer.

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  4. Stuff and Stuff

    I’ve got some transcript work again which is keeping me busy. Today was filled with the discovery of Heracleion. Next up a doco on the seven wonders of the ancient world. Woo!

    Ahead of a busy weekend, we decided to head to South Bank for dinner at Ginga, our favourite! Then we had a stroll through the markets, and I ended up buying a big, floppy sun hat from this beautiful Serbian woman.

    And I’ll leave you with a song I can’t stop playing. Some say it’s very Kate Bush. Hans says it’s Clannad-y. And I hear Fleetwood Mac. Whatever it is, I like it.

    Bat For Lashes – Daniel (HD) on Vimeo.

    ** Check out the Bat for Lashes Store at Amazon.

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  5. Let’s Hear it for the Boys

    Due to that aforementioned lack of concentration, I have been watching a bit more television… at volume levels so low, I am becoming an expert in lip-reading… but more television than I might otherwise, nonetheless.

    This is the reason I watched the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal from beginning to end the other night. I’ve mentioned before that my grandpa was and my dad is on the volunteer fire department. My brother was going to go for it as well before he lost half his hearing in the accident.

    That said, I have such a heart for those out there putting their lives at risk to help try and save others. Not just them, but their families too. The people who give them a kiss as they leave the house, knowing the danger their loved one faces head on.

    When we heard that Coles was donating their profits last Friday, we rearranged our grocery shopping day. We don’t even usually go there, but it was great to stock up on pretty much everything we normally use knowing that the profit was going to the Red Cross. (Granted, my pantry overfloweth now, but we’ll deal.) So anyway, I just read that they made $4,870,889. So great. Press release PDF.

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  6. February Failure

    So that self-imposed, nightly photo sorting challenge went by the wayside on Friday and didn’t happen again yesterday. And today I don’t feel like it anymore. But it was fun while it lasted.

    Friday night, Wolfmother were just walking off the stage when we made it to the venue, so I’ll never know. Judging by the sweaty mess of people leaving, I don’t think I would have wanted to be in there anyway.

    Last night we went to the CD launch of a friend, and it was so amazing. I don’t really like watching music much anymore, but I’d even go back tonight for a second performance if they decided they wanted to do it all over again.

    The other big news of the weekend is my new shoes. You can tell I’ve been here too long when I look at a pair of $35 flip-flops and think, “Hey, those are cheap!”

    But they’re called Swamisz. They’re purple. They neither flip nor flop. And best of all, they haven’t given me blisters… yet.

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  7. Lousy T-Shirt? I Think Not

    I went to New South Wales, and all I got were these cute new shoes.

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  8. We Got Wheels!

    Three years ago I left my last car in Nashville and rode back to Iowa in a moving truck with my folks. And yesterday we finally replaced it.

    We’ve been talking about how we should have a car by the time my parents get here just so that it’s easier to get them around. We’ll still use public transport, but it’s nice to have the option of getting away to some place that isn’t necessarily on a train line.

    We, being who we are, however, hadn’t really done much looking at cars. We sort of had our hearts set on at least test-driving a Swift. But then the soccer mom in me started leaning towards a CRV. This was all virtual searching though.

    Then yesterday, we had gotten back from our McAmerica trip, and Hans’s brother came to the door with a flyer describing this Mitsubishi Colt. A test drive and some smooth talking later, we had the guy down to our price range with a 3-year warranty. Next thing we know, we’re signing papers.

    Of course, neither of us can legally drive it yet, but I’m guessing I should do something about that this week. Eeep! I need so much practice. I’ve driven my in-law’s car down the street to the grocery store, but I’ve managed to avoid all roundabouts thus far. I’m freaking out, but it will be okay.

    It’s kind of cute in that ugly sort of way, which is totally our style. It’s amazingly roomy, and it’ll be great for hauling band gear around. I’m excited.

    In Other News
    I’m completely addicted to the Pack Rat game on Facebook. Let me know if you want an invite!

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  9. Retail Therapy

    There’s nothing quite like starting off the day with buying two pairs of shoes. All before my second cup of coffee. The shoe store across the street from work always has sale shoes outside on a rack. We often go to the deli next door to get some banana bread for breakfast, but today the shoes drew me in.

    The picture of them here doesn’t truly convey their cuteness. But I fell in love with the black ones, and Hans said they were so cute and convinced me to get the green ones too. CUTE! (And they’re called Cute Girl… how cute is that?) And one more “cute” for good measure.

    I almost bought these too, but I thought they made my feet look large. But they are so grandma-licious, I might still go back.

    I’m thrilled to find some shoes that actually fit and aren’t extremely-wide-width, like most shoes here tend to be. I’m starting to figure out the international shoe sizes… “A 37?! But I’m a 6.5 in America!” I used to be such a shoe whore, and now it looks like I can become one again. 😀

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  10. More Toys

    Well, due to a series of circumstances mostly out of my control, I ended up buying this little guy last week. I was really wanting the D40, but my colleague bought the D40X. And if we both got the same thing, we would get a better deal. And blah, blah, blah. So I caved. We splurged on the 18-135mm lens, but now I’m going to end up forking out more dosh for an external flash, methinks.

    I took it with us up on our glorious mountain holiday this past weekend but left it on auto the whole time, because I didn’t have the time to go through the manual and mess with the menus. I haven’t touched my Minolta SLR in years. (I believe the film that’s in there is from my first visit to Australia, in fact.) So it’s taking a bit of reacclimating to the options and overall girth.

    ** Check out the Nikon gear at Amazon.

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  11. New Method to My Cleaning Madness

    I almost broke down into tears at the grocery store just moments ago. They have Method at Woolworths! Not the whole line, but it’s a start. I could hardly believe my eyes. They have the eucalyptus bathroom wipes and the cucumber and the grapefruit all-purpose wipes. Hooray!

    A couple of my quotes from the shopping aisle:
    “You used to only be able to get it at Target. MY kind of Target, not your crap Target.”

    “I can’t believe I’m so excited about a cleaning product… that I’m never going to use. But you’re going to love them, babe.” 🙂

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  12. Christmas is Coming; the Goose is Getting Fat

    We had the day off today and spent the majority of it at the mall doing the last bits of our Christmas shopping for each other. It was coordinated through a series of phonecalls to get each other’s current location, which we then pinpointed on the schematics we uploaded to our PDAs. (Not really.) It went without a hitch, and since we upped the budget we were allowed to spend on each other, I was able to get what I really wanted to get him. You’ll just have to dwell on that until after Christmas.

    I just really hate shopping, so I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Thankfully it didn’t feel quite like American malls between Thanksgiving and Christmas where you can hardly breathe due to the claustrophobia-inducing conditions. Maybe we’re early enough to not have to worry about that.

    I also sent off my parcels to America, so hopefully that all makes it there in time.

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  13. Drink Me

    A gourmet deli opened across from the office. It is filled with wonderful delicacies I’ve only ever seen on Iron Chef. Foie gras, whole truffles in individual jars for outrageous prices, persian fairy floss in weird flavours.

    But yesterday, we bought a jar I’ve had my eye on. Wild hibiscus flowers in syrup. Go look at the website; they’re gorgeous. I’m saving them for my birthday, and then we’re going to have Wild Hibiscus Rosés (second-to-last recipe on the cocktails page). I’m excited.

    ** Check out this Iron-Chef-y cookbook, Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking at Amazon.

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  14. Early Christmas Shopping

    We bought a few gifts for family on the Catch of the Day Catchathon (continuing today until… I don’t know when). But I also got a few things for myself: the ladies toolkit, socks!, and one more item I’m embarrassed to mention.

    You see, I have made fun of my best friend for YEARS due to her penchant for getting suckered by infomercials. I’m the first to admit that it’s not all crap… but it’s just the number of times that the product actually gets used after the first week or two that I take issue with. How many ab-masters, slicer/dicer/can-openers, magical cleaning waters, and the like has she purchased over the years? I don’t even know. But it has become a bit of a joke between us.

    So yesterday, I broke down and bought the Vacuum Fresh Box. I don’t even care if it breaks down in two weeks. If that means I don’t have to freeze my bread to keep it from turning into a hockey puck on my counter, then I am totally convinced I’ve gotten my money’s worth. We buy fresh bread at the market and end up freezing half the loaf, but then we’ve got all this yucky frozen bread to eat. I just want fresh bread… it that too much to ask?

    ** Put your bread in a Fresh Box™ Vacuum Seal Container from Amazon.

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  15. Tripod Lovin’

    Last week I discovered Catch of the Day, which is like the Australian version of Woot!. The idea is the same for both. One product per day offered at bargain prices. COTD also has a section called “Small Fish” where they feature what I believe to be the leftovers. That’s when I saw the tripod I’ve been desiring… and for just $20AU — insanity!

    I told Hans about it, and he bought it for me. It came yesterday. Oh you know there’s going to be all kinds of self-portrait taking in our future! I had it hanging from the side of the doorframe in the kitchen the whole night, and it didn’t slip a millimeter.

    ** Get your own bendy Gorillapod Tripod by JOBY at Amazon.

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