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  1. I Resolve…

    I don’t really do resolutions, because, let’s be honest here, how many are ever actually kept by anyone?

    I think I’m setting more goals for myself that might not be some year-long process, but more on a weekly basis for some things and even a daily basis for others. I feel like I’ve slipped down a slope of apathy and laziness in certain areas of my life, and I think it’s time to brush off and start over again… with baby steps.

    It’s kind of why I’m writing now, after spending this sickeningly hot day on the bed, the closest spot to the air conditioner. It would be easy to put off posting until tomorrow, but I could probably find an excuse not to do it then too.

    It comes down to discipline, I suppose. So crack that whip, and whip it good.

    ** Check out the Devo store at Amazon.

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  2. Since Last Time…

    … my Tash has been here;
    … we got a new tv and Lego: Batman, which consumes us;
    … one or both of us has been sick almost every day;
    … I have barely looked at websites not news or weather related, except Facebook. There’s always time for Facebook, yeah?

    I’m Excited About…
    Coles Online: this is going to change my LIFE! Shopping for groceries FROM MY COUCH, and then they will magically appear at my door at any time I desire??!! I love you, Coles. If only you stocked Method, I would never go anywhere else again.

    … our new chook pen. Frida is completely too big for the cage set-up we had on the veranda, so we bought her the super-deluxe, A-frame chicken tractor. She is spoiled.

    … but she is LAYING EGGS. Did I mention this before? We’ve got eggs coming literally and figuratively out the wazoo. So if you’re in the Brisbane area and want some yummy eggs from a happy chicken, let me know. We can work out some sort of drop off action. EGGS!

    ** Check out the fancy chicken coops at Amazon.

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  3. Working Best Under Pressure

    I am finding myself wishing that my parents would stop by a little more often, because dang, it’s motivational. We’re achieving things these days that I haven’t managed to do in the last two and a bit years that we’ve lived in this house… specifically unpacking a box of my stuff that I haven’t opened since we moved. Found $400 in travellers’ cheques, too. I mean, awesome, right?

    So as a bit of a pat on my own little back (and that of my dear husband), here’s a bit that we accomplished today:

    • Wiped down the adirondack chairs on the veranda so we could eat breakfast outside.
    • Dusted the ceiling fan blades in the bedroom.
    • Changed lightbulbs in places we’ve been stumbling blindly through for quite some time.
    • Massive dust and purge in the bathroom. (Thanks, sweetie!)
    • Bought a new washing machine, since our other one completely died after the Great Power Outage of 2008.
    • Bought and changed fuse on our stereo, which also was a result of the aforementioned power issues.
    • Had lunch at a cute little place called Fig Jam. It was an Entertainment Book find, and it was quite lovely. The chips are scrumptious.
    • Went to Bunnings. It’s like the Home Depot of the southern hemisphere. It was familiar and great. Bought pavers, because we’re crafty like that.
    • Purchase and built a shelf unit thingie for the corner where the unpacked box used to be.

    Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. Just 12 days to make the rest of the house immaculate.

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  4. In Other News…

    * It’s fricking FREEZING.

    * Hans’s tante and oom from Holland are in town this weekend. I can pick up only the slightest bit of their Dutch, but they are such a hoot. We’re arranging a visit with them in 2010 when we go for Sail Amsterdam.

    * As a thank-you for watching my in-laws’ pets last week, I was given some Soul Food Kitchen Cajun Spices. So last night we made red beans and rice. With the Cajun blends that I’ve found here, I usually put in two Tablespoons to get it to my heat level. So I did the same with my new stuff. OMG. We nearly died. I thought my lips were going to swell shut. I think Hans was hallucinating. I’m scared to try it again. It definitely is NOT the Australian version of spicy; it’s legit.

    ** For some authentic cajun recipes, check out Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link’s Louisiana at Amazon.

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  5. In List Form

    • The CD Launch is in 8 days. The CDs arrived today. I’m pooped and can’t wait for it to be over. Next time we hire event-planner extraordinaire Miss Tash.
    • We are in the middle of changing banks. Very un-fun.
    • Our chickens are getting so much bigger. So are their poops. But they are irresistible, and I sat on the kitchen floor until after midnight last night holding them as they tried to eat my freckles.
    • I’m still in love with putting my recipes on The pea soup looks terrible due to bad light.
    • One of these days I’m going to finish the post I started about our recent truffle experiences. (The gourmet deli by our work is now ordering fresh truffles from a farm in Perth — delish!)
    • We know the guy who is the voice of Big Brother during the nightly shows, and that’s my excuse for watching. I’m so lame.

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  6. Tidbits

    ♥ The photos below were from our Australia Zoo adventure last week. Despite the wind and rain, it was a wonderful day. We saw Terri feed the crocs. Got to see the tiger cubs. I was most impressed that they promote recycling and use real silverware and crockery to reduce waste… love it! I am now reading Terri’s book My Steve and relate to it in a weird way.

    Lego Batman is coming… eeee!

    ♥ Two youtube videos you really need to watch: 24: the Unaired 1994 Pilot (omg!) and Trajen is the Movie Font.

    ♥ We are trying to get back into our jetlagged routine from last year when we got up early and went to bed early and thusly did not suffer in the heat so much on the way to work. We’ve worked up to 6:00 with 5-5:30 being the goal. I’m a bit cranky.

    ♥ I am seriously thinking about getting YogaToes. I have no idea why.

    ♥ Our illness at the beginning of the holidays is now under suspicion after we returned to work to discover that six of the ten of us who went to dinner that Friday night before were all hating life on Sunday. For the record, I thought the place was skanky the moment we walked in.

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  7. Tidbits

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  8. In Brief

    • I stupidly wore my wedding rings (with no gloves) while scrubbing a stain with bleach today… still afraid to look close enough to see if I messed them up.
    • Having a Mexican dinner this weekend. Listening to lots of Buena Vista Social Club to get in the mood.
    • Seeing as I’m a Harry Potter widow this week, I’m starting my own spoiler rumor: “Ron kills Hermione… accidentally!!”

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  9. EZYdvd — Order with Caution
    How interesting to hear that I’m not the only one with a bad experience…

    But anyway, this is the background to my story.

    Being a native Iowan, I am a COMPLETE fan of Meredith Willson’s The Music Man. It was the first theatre production I ever had to audition for and made. I’ve seen it about a zillion times. I love it.

    So I’ve been singing some of the songs lately. One day we saw a kid in his striped school uniform jacket, and I started humming “Lida Rose” subconsciously. And I keep wanting to show it to my in-laws, because I think they’d get a real kick out of “Iowa Stubborn“, with classic lines such as “join us at the picnic — you can have your fill of all the food you bring yourself” and “we’re so dog-gone stubborn we could stand touching noses for a week at a time and never see eye to eye”.

    Last Thursday I decided to try my luck at finding a copy of the movie somewhere in this country.

    I checked the online store for THE dvd/cd store here. It wasn’t in stock, but they will order it in.

    I asked around the office to see if there was any other place to get DVDs online. A colleague mentioned EZYdvd.

    I searched, and found it. And to my delight — it was IN STOCK!

    I quickly put it in my shopping cart. I also added Season 5 of Scrubs. Sure it was more expensive than other places, but we had a weekend of nothing ahead of us, and suddenly it was about to be filled with all the movie/tv watching that we could handle. I was excited.

    I specifically checked the box to say that I wanted it sent via Startrack Express (an overnight courier service) for an extra charge so that I would have it in my hands before I left work on Friday. Bring out the popcorn, folks — we’re watching movies!

    My excitement waned that afternoon when I got the email to say that my product had been shipped — via Australian Post. (No offense to the dear people of the AUSPost, but you’re just as reliable as the USPS.) (emphasis added)

    Your parcel was shipped today (21/06/2007) by AUSTRALIA POST SURFACE MAIL
    Whilst the Australia Post mail service is generally very reliable, it is not unusual for some items to become delayed within the postal system. Should you experience significant delays, we ask that you check thoroughly with your local post office for your parcel and wait a minimum of 10 business days before lodging a query with our office.

    Oh no no… I immediately sent an email to say that I was quite certain that I had asked for the courier service.

    I got a reply 3.5 hours later…(emphasis added)

    I can advise that you did select courier as your delivery option, however our Credit Card provider had problems with their server yesterday and we could only manually process orders.

    Unfortunately the processor who put your order through sent it by Aust Post Surface Mail in error.

    We are really sorry about that and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Ugh… fine. Maybe I was quick to get irritable. Perhaps the postal service would come through with flying colors. I decided to wait until the next day before getting upset.

    Well, I think it goes without saying that the package did NOT arrive on Friday. So I sent a response to my customer service girl…

    I appreciate the reply. However, I am somewhat disappointed. The whole reason I ordered from you guys was because my husband and I wanted to watch as much of “Scrubs: Season 5 ” as we could on the weekend, and I thought I would have in my hot little hands before we left work today. If I had known you weren’t going to send it via next day delivery as I requested, I would have canceled my order and gone to JB Fi-Hi to get it $7 cheaper on Saturday. Perhaps it might be nice to implement a policy to inform the customer before shipping if you’re going to change things up on them.

    Fine. Whatever. I officially am never using them again, but there wasn’t anything I could do. So we went home, rented the first season of 24 and got over it.

    Got over it until Monday, that is… when a package from EZYdvd arrived… SANS The Music Man! There was a Warehouse Stock Discrepancy Notification that basically said they didn’t have it. But nowhere on that form did it say anything like “we will be ordering this for you posthaste and apologize for the inconvenience” or “you will be receiving a refund for the cost of this item” or anything like that.

    So I fired up my email once again… (emphasis added)

    I received a package today with Scrubs only. There is a piece of paper giving indication that, while your website said it was in stock, “The Music Man” was not there, in actuality. Full payment was taken out of our account yesterday. Please let me know if/when I can expect this item or the refund.

    Oh yeah… they had already taken the money! Communication, people. Seriously.

    Four hours after that, I get a response… (emphasis added)

    Unfortunately I am unable to give you a date to when more stock will arrive, however I can confirm that we currently have placed an order for The Music Man with the distributor and expect to see it soon. As soon as this title becomes available again, we will immediately send a copy to you.

    We apologise for the delay.

    What. The. Crap. Honestly… if I wanted to wait for it to be imported from America, I would have just called my mom and had her send THE COPY I ALREADY OWN over… and I told her so…

    Thanks for the reply, [Helen]*.

    Could I please just have the $19.83 refunded to our credit card? I already own a copy of the movie and can have my mother ship it to me in a couple of days. It was one of those impulse purchases, because I thought I would have it by last Friday… and we already know how that turned out.

    Thanks for your help!

    Five minutes after I sent my email, I was copied in on Helen’s email to Pat* asking her to refund our card. And this morning I got a confirmation email that we were refunded (though I haven’t checked our account balance online yet).

    I can’t blame Helen, and once she got the refund-ball rolling, it happened. But I’m just so dissatisfied with their lack of up-front communication. Pretty much if I didn’t have the videos by last Friday, I really didn’t need them from EZYdvd at all. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I just felt conned after each little step.

    As far as I am concerned, these are the facts:
    1. Their website said my two items were in stock.
    2. The items were not in stock.
    3. They said they would send my items via overnight delivery.
    4. They decided they weren’t going to send my items via my requested method.
    5. Points 1 & 3 are the only two reasons I ordered from them in the first place.
    6. I won’t be ordering from them again.
    7. I wouldn’t encourage you to order from them either.

    *Names changed to protect the innocent.

    Space: My Occupational Frontier
    At work, we’ve been putting together a series of space dvds, that I’m disinclined to mention by name… but you can find here. We get them, edit them, and send them on for duplication. We also forward the masters and edited scripts to Sweden for their market. The last
    five scripts are due next week, and unfortunately, they were given to me in pdf format. And not like a document printed to PDF… more like pages scanned out of an old binder and saved as a PDF. So I’m using text-recognition to try to avoid having to type them all out again, but it has kept me busy this week.

    All that to say, did you know that 95% of all UFO sightings turn out to be space junk re-entering Earth’s atmosphere?

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