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  1. Back to Life, Back to Reality

    Some fun things I’ve been experiencing lately in no particular order:

    * Pyrophone Juggernaut @ the Valley Fiesta – We were just walking through Chinatown when this giant metal ship came to life with music. It was mesmerizing.

    * PocketlMusiclatlthelManalBar – Saturday was a whole day of 8-bit computer game music. (Video montage here. That’s me in the white tights against the left wall at about :26.)

    * Tomorrow When the War Began: The Movie – My North American people probably won’t know about this one, but hopefully it will be released there sometime. This movie was based on a book that is apparently part of the curriculum at many schools here in Australia. I knew nothing about it, but I have a total soft spot for stories where teens band together to kick some butt. (Band of the Hand, anyone?)

    I haven’t enjoyed a movie so much in a long time. We’ve seen a lot of good films lately, but in terms of mindless enjoyment, this one takes the cake. I hate spoilers and don’t want to give much away, but this teaser trailer below does a good job of setting the mood without giving away all the major plot points like the official trailer does.

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  2. A Conversation

    Him: Oh look, Flying High is on.
    Me: Uh, no. It’s Airplane!
    Him: What was your sequel called?
    Me: Airplane 2?
    Him: Yeah, ours is called Flying High 2.

    So I look it up. Sure enough, it has two names. Then I proceeding to rock myself and think of my happy place. It’s times like this when the subtle differences between our countries make me think I’m losing my mind.

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  3. Touched by a Child

    I’ve been feeling a bit tenderhearted lately for various reasons, but this is one of those things that has moved me.

    Sunday we watched an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featuring the Byers family of Oregon which apparently aired opposite the Super Bowl (Cheese Fest ’08!) as well. Their little girl Jenessa had fought cancer before, but it had returned. She was such a charming articulate 8-year-old girl, and when they said that the cancer was now in her bones, I was overcome with sadness. I think because whenever I have lost someone to cancer, the bones was always the indicator that the end was near. That show is always tear-jerking, but I sobbed more than once.

    They had mentioned that the little girl made videos and posted them to her website to help other kids with cancer. After the program was over, I naturally went to find it only to learn that she had passed away just this past December 28.

    That family may never know the impact that they have had on people, not just me, but others too. Seeing the love spilled out and their great faith has inspired this household to shine a little brighter.

    What’s more, her nickname was “Boey”, just like the song I wrote about below that has been stuck in my head. So perfectly orchestrated as a reminder.

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  4. Linky Links

    ♥ My household found this very funny:

    (via The Copydesk).

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  5. Decking the Halls

    We decked the halls literally with boughs of holly this year.

    I used pipe cleaners and red jingle bells to make the berries.

    We got the holly branches and some pine branches at the markets. Why are all the “Christmas-y” plants the ones that can poke and jab you to death? I should have dug out my gardening gloves!

    The inspiration to actually put up the tree and get into the holiday spirit was two boxes that arrived in the mail from America chockablock with pressies. (Australian for “full of presents”.)

    Family picture…

    And since I’m posting photos, this is the one that was in the paper the other day. Page 2.

    Culture Shocked & Homesick
    I had a really weepy Saturday. We were at the markets, and a mentally handicapped young man, maybe 22 or 23 years old, sat down at our table with us. He gingerly held his basketball and bottle of orange soda. Just the way that he acted made the tears well up as it reminded me so much of when my brother was coming out of his coma almost three years ago.

    And then there was getting ready for Christmas knowing that I’ll be here and my family will be there and that is that. I don’t see how it will ever feel normal, at this point… but maybe it takes a few years. This is only my second since we went back last year.

    Saturday night Hans ordered pizza so we wouldn’t have to cook, and we curled up on the couch to watch Glory. It was a perfectly good excuse to have a little cry.

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  6. Beautiful Ad

    If you haven’t seen the video for “Power of Wind“, please go watch. My day is brighter.

    ** Check out the Woodstock Pachelbel Canon Windchime at Amazon.

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  7. Waiting for a Star to Fall

    Ohmygoodness… loved loved LOVED Stardust. What a clever movie. I don’t want to say any more about it, but that it’s a lovely realistic fairy tale, if that’s possible.

    I swear the king called one of the brothers Optimus Primus… is that true? Ugh, I can’t wait to see it again.

    And now that I have the song in your head, watch the Boy Meets Girl Video of Joy:

    ** Check out the Stardust [Blu-ray] at Amazon.

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  8. Busy Being Silly
    Sometimes it’s good to just go completely over the top… that’s what I think anyway. So three months ago, when I started looking at the footage of our little holiday, I thought it could be edited down into something watchable. Over the months, it has gotten a little… out of hand. And now it is 30 minutes of pure cinematic greatness including interviews, cut-aways, and a musical montage to A-ha’s “Take on Me”. And then there is also the bloopers and cut scenes and the slideshow.

    Yesterday Hans color-graded the whole thing and did an animated intro and animated supers. It’s heading into ridiculous territory considering it’s a home movie. But we’re production company people, and this is now apparently what we do.

    So umm… tonight we’re having the premiere, since Dan & Lisa haven’t seen it at all yet. We’ve got a make-shift red carpet. We’ve got a bottle from our champagne stockpile. (For some reason people seem to give us champagne, and we don’t really care for it… so it just gets added to the stash.) Hopefully it will be met with 5-star reviews.


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  9. Redhead Demise
    Redheads set for extinction. Makes me feel just a little bad about being so grateful for my black-haired husband. Gotta love those dominant genes.

    The other night I was home alone and happened to switch to a channel halfway into the documentary called Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple. I really had no idea. Being only one and a half when it happened, I probably heard references to the Jonestown Massacre when the Hale-Bopp thing happened. But I truly had no idea. If you have any way of seeing the doco, I’d highly recommend it. I watched horrified and even cried at the end when they showed actual photographs of bodies… hundreds of bodies lying face-down on the ground after having consumed the cyanide.

    But in much brighter documentary news, be sure to see the trailer for the Sigur Rós doco titled “Heima”.

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  10. And…. CUT!
    I had to direct pedestrian traffic on a shoot today, and Tash is the only one who may see the ad. So I spent part of the afternoon getting bitten by mosquitoes outside the Queensland Club (WikiMapia) I was going to act like I had a Jack-Bauer-issued ear piece, but then the cameraman gave me a walkie-talkie, so I didn’t have to… and considering we took up all of 15 feet of sidewalk, at the MOST, we really could have just yelled to each other. Oh well. It’s surprising what you can get people to do when you’re holding a walkie-talkie and wearing a high-visibility vest.

    We’re going to see Harry Potter in Gold Class on Sunday. Too bad Threadless had sold out of the Spoilt t-shirt before we ordered last. Hans said he wouldn’t have had the heart to wear it anyway, for those who haven’t read the next couple books.

    We’re both feeling better, thanks! But Hans has some white spots on the back of his throat… *meeer-mow* …so hopefully that clears up before Thursday.

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  11. To Pass the Time
    I’m feeling a bit better, thanks. Hans isn’t.

    Someone asked how I know the difference between a headache and a migraine. For me, I can have a headache, take some Advil and still function. If it’s a migraine, you’ll find me on the floor by the toilet or with my head under a pillow in the darkest room in the house. It’s like my senses are at war with each other. Yesterday, I couldn’t be in the living room because it was too bright and the smell from the roast in the crockpot (normally a smell I loooove) was making me nauseous. However, in the bedroom, the sounds from the road were like jackhammers. Thankfully, a couple of pandadol with codeine knocked me out, and I slept for a couple hours.

    The Fountain
    We had some movies due today, so we walked to the video store up the street. We got out The Fountain and just finished watching it. I’m not sure how I feel about the film as a whole, but that bathroom scene? HOT.


    The score is great as well. (Listen here.)

    In other movie news, my very own copy of The Music Man is on our coffee table. (No thanks to EZYdvd.) We ended up ordering it from the local video store, and it came in less than a week. It seemed easier than trying to explain to my mother where my old copy might be in the mountain of boxes living in my old bedroom.

    Belated Fourth
    Happy fourth of July! We had a picnic. Tons of sparklers. Plenty of food. Some pretty clever decorations, thank you very much! And we didn’t even blow ourselves up, no thanks to Hans’s father who attempted to spray silly string directly into the fire. Ugh.

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  12. No Good Reasons
    We were getting breakfast this morning, and Thirsty Merc‘s “20 Good Reasons” came on… because I just can’t escape that song these days. (Song more overplayed — “20 Good Reasons” or the Silverchair comeback single? Talk amongst yourselves.)

    Anyway, Hans demonstrated how you can sing “With or Without You” overtop of it… which I argue can be done with half the pop ballads released since then. But to me it’s a combination of Train (who I’ve hated ever since they decided they could start using “chicken” in their lyrics), the “WOWY” aspect of U2, and somehow the opening line of the song made me think of “Letter B”— though after watching the youtube of it, it doesn’t seem to be the way I remembered.

    Play Along
    On the train, we somehow got talking about the Mrs. Potter movie. This led us to the question of how many movies we could name that had human/cartoon interaction. This is what we’ve come up with so far, but if you can think of any others, please leave a comment.

    1. Mrs. Potter
    2. Mary Poppins (me)
    3. Pete’s Dragon (H)
    4. Bedknobs & Broomsticks (H)
    5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (H)
    6. The Incredible Mr. Limpet (me)
    7. Cool World (H)
    8. Space Jam (me)
    9. Anchors Aweigh (Barry)
    10. Alice in Wonderland (Barry)
    11. Little Shop of Horrors(Barry)
    12. Loony Tunes: Back in Action (Barry)

    There was also an Australian film that came out last year that we were going to count, but neither of us could remember the name. I just remember I fell asleep to it on two flights to/from New Zealand.

    EZYdvd Update
    Further to yesterday’s post which ended with mention of a refund, as of this morning, the money isn’t actually in our account.

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  13. Procrastinator Stress
    I attempted to file my taxes today. Still a U.S. Citizen. Still paying U.S. taxes. Still technically self-employed. Still wondering whether the little I make is worth the hassle come April.

    Weekend Perks

    • Watched two movies this weekend that we bought in the States… The Score and The Saint. I have loved The Saint since the day I first saw it. Only now I realize how bad Val’s Aussie accent is. Hehe.
    • We’re going to Ikea this afternoon. My goal is to come back with some sort of device to put extra clothes in and a filing cabinet. That’s all I want in this world. Pretty much.
    • Outback Spectacular tonight. Huzzah!

    Free Eric Volz

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