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  1. Everywhere Anemones

    While looking for a photos of anemones, I came across this anemone light fixture, which I think might be really amazing in the right space. I, however, do not have any such space, but a girl can dream.

    Edited to add a photo of my own anemones against my photoshopped wall color, because my real wall color makes me sad in my heart:


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  2. Wishes

    I’m pretty much in love with these Merimekko Lettinauha Tights. There’s also these ASOS Heart Suspender Sheer Tights — and while they’re a little saucy if you’re wearing them with a mini, I’d like them as my own little secret with my longer skirts.

    And what’s new socks without new shoes… I think I’d like these cute little numbers. I am such a sucker for shoes that tie with ribbons.

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  3. Linky Links and Pretty Things

    I click on one link from a Twitter feed, and now I’ve got so many windows open of pretty places that I don’t have time to explore. Oh Mondays!

    Bluebird & Trees Carafe by Shinzi Katoh: it all started at 3 Potato 4. I love Shinzi Katoh.

    Kikki K Easter Sale: voucher or coupon code at link. Hmm, 20% off means I can buy 20% more, right?

    Misha Lulu Blog: lots of pretty finds and interesting links.

    Design Crush: Seriously, link overload and so pretty. Particularly loving the Printable Mailing Label tip and the Design*Sponge DIY tax receipt holder.

    Creature Comforts: Turns out I love the whole site that the mailing labels came from.

    Black Eiffel: Another. I don’t have time for all this greatness.

    It’s time to WORK, people. Work.

    ** Check out this pretty Scroll Mailing Label Tape at Amazon.

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  4. Camera Bag Tips, Anyone?

    I’m already thinking about packing for America and trying to decide how many of our gadgets need to come with us. I’m obviously bringing my camera, but the thing I don’t love about it is that the bag is big and bulky. It seems ridiculous to pack the whole bag inside my carry-on… but I’m going to need more than a camera bag to carry on with me.

    I need a camera bag that can double as a purse. No. What I really want is a purse that can double as a camera bag. Can anybody help me out?

    Must hold camera body, medium size lens (preferably attached), small external flash, cords for charging & connecting, extra disks and lens cleaner, etc. Must also fit make-up bag, wallet, travel papers, and other purse-like items.

    I’ve been looking at Crumpler, because I’ve wanted one for a while, but the only one that seems like it’s along the line is the Brazillion Dollar Home. But is that too honking big to lug around? I don’t know.

    Other cute bags…
    Acme Bowler Bag… adorable, but no spare room.

    Jill-E… well I don’t super love this one. It’s a bit “nashville soccer mom” to me, but I like the polka-dot inside. But again… where do I put the rest of my stuff?

    ♥ Or maybe I should just make my own, like this person.

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  5. Herbie!

    On a happier note, I am loving this French herb dryer. Le sigh. If I had that, I would definitely use Straight from the Farm’s advice on preserving fresh herbs.

    By the by, Australians say the “h” in “herbs”, and I think I say it now too. But anytime I consciously say the word, I have a hard time remembering which way to say it.

    ** Check out the Chia Gourmet Herb Garden at Amazon.

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  6. Linky Links

    Spoon Sisters: I <3 that “Home is Where Your Mom Is” tea towel. (I think we’re buying plane tickets to go “home” then this week. Yay!)

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  7. I <3 Kikki K

    It seems like hardly any Australian vendors have websites which show the majority of their stock. Most post a PDF of their latest flyer and call it good.

    So I was thrilled to discover that my favourite office supply place kikki.K has a simple site with products to behold. I am allowed to buy one product every time we are at the mall, which is rare for us. So now that I can see what they have that is new, I can make plans to visit the mall more often. 🙂

    My Christmas list read “anything from kikki.K”, and he delivered. In fact, tonight I am going to start going through my Donna Hays from last year and use my gifts. He got me the recipe sticky notes, this recipe box, recipe card refills, and finally the magnetic shopping list in case I decide I need some more ingredients in the house after looking at all that food!

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  8. Anthropologie Does Gardens?

    In recent years, I have grown very attracted to the idea of tending the earth and nurturing plants and generally being more of a green thumb instead of a brown thumb(?). I have two plants thriving indoors even though I just discovered that the root system of my third was eaten by worms. I also have several on the veranda that haven’t died yet. I can’t wait to start my herb garden. Et cetera, et cetera.

    Today I was getting some of my Daily Danny, and he posted about terrariums at a store called Terrain:

    Terrain is a new concept store by the people behind Anthropologie, with a focus more on gardening, household plants and all the lovely accessories that go along with raising and growing plants at home.

    If ever I need another reason to move back, I think this might just be it. I love (and I mean loooooove) Anthropologie, so I can only imagine what Terrain is like. Danny’s posting photos soon. Eee!

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  9. Methodology

    I just found out about Method Lust over at The Dieline. Even though we have some Method products at the grocery store here, I do have their holiday air fresheners on my Christmas list for my parents.

    ** Stock up on Method goodies at Amazon.

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  10. For Future Perusal

    For the next available free moment between now and October.

    Earthlust: stainless steel water bottles

    Kir De Vries: online store with Earthlust products… and also Shinzi Katoh bento boxes?! links to pretty things

    Write On and More: even more links to pretty things, including the beautiful Blue Leaves

    Expat Women: misery loves company, I guess?

    Wists: Make your own wishlists… if you want.

    All these are brought to you by a sudden urge to find a new handbag before we go to Perth. (Though, maybe I should just get one there — even I can’t resist their shopping opportunities.) However, as you can see, there are no links to handbags. Oops. Back to work.

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  11. Little Joys

    ♥ I found out today that I only have $800 left on my student loan for my one year of private higher education. I’m paying off that lump sum headache tomorrow!

    ♥ I was gifted three pre-loved Bill Bryson books. I already have his full collection. Somewhere. In a box. In the back of a closet. In IOWA. I’m happy to have these on hand for a re-read. (Particularly since there’s no such thing as a bargain book in this country.)

    ♥ I love these posters. Teehee. (via the knack)

    ♥ Though the Australian dollar is extraordinarily high at the moment, I might be learning towards sending my mom (or someone in FLORIDA) to Bed Bath & Beyond to get this butter keeper instead of the expensive handmade ones. Does that make me a bad person?

    ** Get your own cute butter keeper at Amazon.

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  12. Better Butter

    I made butter on Saturday. I followed the instructions posted recently, and it worked a treat. Next time I’m going to use organic cream from the shop near work, but at least I know it’s something I can do.

    Now the trouble is storage. I’m keeping mine in a glass dish with water like the lady suggested, but I really want a Butter Bell. Love it! The ones at that site are nice, but then there is the Emile Henry one in the gorgeous Figue.

    However, I secretly want a homemade one. Something about having handmade crockery is so charming. (And it really makes sense in my head if it’s homemade butter too.) Do you think I could find a single local potter who makes them? No. Hard enough finding anyone in this country who bothers to put their wares online.

    Etsy has two that I really, truly love. There is something so charming about this one with the tree and the little details and the blue inside, but she doesn’t ship internationally. But then I also love this one with the handles and the feet, and he’ll ship here. But then I’d want to buy half of his other gorgeous items and might end up spending a fortune.

    (I’m linking to those for my reference. Please don’t go and buy them out from underneath me. I will decide soon!) 🙂

    ** Have a look at the other Emile Henry kitchenware at Amazon.

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  13. Pretty Things

    Yesterday, for the first time in a long while, I found a whole bunch of sites on the internet that interested me. I’ve been quite un-entertained by the w-cubed lately, thus the lack of posting perhaps.

    It all started with the discovery of Below the Clouds… a site on which I cannot read a word, but the pictures and hyperlinks have lead me to such amazing finds, such as:
    handpresso: if you ever find me camping (which is highly unlikely), I would most likely be found with one of these beautiful coffee-making devices.

    Retro Joy: hello! A candle holder that looks like the base of a joystick. Does it get any cooler?

    Moss Online: store with many pretty things I’ll never order.

    A Low Impact Woodland Home: so hobbity, so earth-friendly, so how I wish I could be knowing realistically it will never happen.

    Cassette Tape Dispenser: it’s a sticky-tape dispenser shaped like a cassette tape. Love it!

    ♥ I also found Bella Dia today through one of the sites I linked yesterday. Just love those yarn ball flowers.

    ** You can get the Handpresso Portable Espresso Machine at Amazon. (If you love me, you may also get me the Handpresso Wild Outdoor Picnic Set with Deluxe Case… so beautiful!)

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  14. New Obsession

    Last night we got together with some friends for dinner and had such a lovely time. So lovely, in fact, that we looked at the clock with disbelief at about 12:45 and thought we ought to head for home. Good food, great conversation, three baby kitties. And shoes.

    Fiona was telling us about the shoes that she bought recently, and I am now in love with a shoe designer named John. John Fluevog. Do any of you girls know him? Do you not love him too? Oh my gosh.

    I tried on her Lily Darlings (red & pink, size 7.5, from the only distributer in Australia), and melted into a gooey heap on the ground. Oh. My. Goodness. LOVE THEM!

    Lily Darling shoes by John Fluevog

    In some ways, they are almost cartoonish, but I think that’s why I’m so attracted to them. I know Manda will hate them — even though she has a serious need for new shoes. But maybe Brandy or Allison or Erin or Tash can back me up on this new revelation.

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  15. Wishes

    If you love all things cute and adorable, you’re probably reading Oh My That’s Awesome! every day anyway, but these little dishes they linked to are so precious. But really, I love everything at that Three Potato Four shop.

    I learned there that I want to be a huge fan of Shinzi Katoh. Seriously. I mean, look at these mugs, this bowl, this tray, this mug & dish, and this bag. I’m in love.

    ** Check out the cute Shinzi Katoh stuff at Amazon.

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  16. Cheap Things I Miss Most
    I’ve had a couple dear hearts ask me lately if I need/want/miss anything in particular from America. So in no specific order, here are a few things off the top of my head that I can’t seem to get here.

    Conair Curved Bobby Pins: Brown – I picked up a container of these once upon a time. I usually keep a couple in my pocket or purse in case of hair emergencies. However, my stock has been depleted due as bobby pin collections do. Have they been vacuumed? Bent? Lost? Destroyed by the bobby pin monster? I don’t know. But I miss them.

    Covergirl Wetslicks in Sugar Maple – They may have this here, but I have never seen it. And I can’t imagine the price I’d have to pay if they do have it. I’m rationing the two tubes I bought earlier this year. How did I ever think that was going to be enough?

    Neosporin + Pain Relief – I know they have antibiotic gel things here, but none quite make owwies feel better like a squirt of Neosporin before the band-aid.

    Red Hots – Cinnamon flavoured candies are starting to make their way into stores here, but not these little guys. I really just need a handful to make homemade apple grandes… since you can’t get Taco Johns here, obviously.

    Hmm… that’s all I can think of at this moment… but perhaps more will come to me later.

    We’re still playing our little game and that’s quite addictive. I did stop briefly to talk to my Tash and to go to Hans’s show the other night. (We are way too old for these headlining gigs and have been suffering from the sleep deprivation ever since.)

    This weekend? Sleep. And LOTRO. And maybe laundry. Also planning our upcoming daytrip to Boonah.

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  17. Hint Hint
    In case my husband ever sees this and needs a gift idea… I found Dejarnette New Orleans at Oh My That’s Awesome, and there are a few necklaces I ♥love♥: Fleur Trouvee, Art Deco, and Artifact. Mmm…

    Footy Shmooty
    There’s a little event here called State of Origin, and I have no idea what it’s about. I couldn’t even say, without looking at the website, exactly which sport it is. All I know is that 50,000 people are going to be descending upon our workplace neighborhood tonight, and I have every intention of getting out of here early.

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  18. Little Lightning Bugs
    I found a little place today called Rare Bird Finds, which led me to a place called Catching Fireflies, where I found this amazing jar of “fireflies” that I must have. (Australia doesn’t have them at all, you see.)

    But then I found a bunch of other things that I love too, so I’m just going to share them since I’ll never order them:
    the bouncing bud vase
    the dip chiller
    the blossom crown
    the “love at first sight” frame (which would make a great gift for certain someones I know… eeee!)
    ♥ And no, I’m absolutely not talking about us.
    the wine bottle cork candles

    Mountain Madness
    We’re leaving for the mountains on Friday morning, so my life is revolving around getting everything ready to go. Yes, we’re staying at a furnished house, but will they have everything I need to survive? I don’t know. To be safe, I’m packing half the house… to Hans’s dismay. Listen, if we’re going to the trouble of bringing nice porterhouse steaks up there to grill, I’m going to be darn sure we have steak knives with which to cut them!

    My goal while we are up there is to get a glimpse of a pademelon… some sort of miniature kangaroo/wallaby people keep telling me about.

    Sean over at Notes from a New Country keeps a tally of all the things that can kill you on this continent, but I’ve found a new one. The Bunya Mountains are covered with, wait for it, Bunya Pine trees. And on the government website, it reads:

    Avoid lingering under bunya pines between December and March. That is when the soccer-ball sized cones weighing up to 10kg fall from the tops of towering trees.

    Great. Hopefully they will all have fallen by now.

    Lost in Translation
    stack hat (stak hat)
    n. bicycle helmet
    “What’s that lady doing wearing a stack hat in her car?”

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