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  1. Funny Business

    A couple weeks ago, after months and months of meetings and coffees and chit-chats and note-making, we finally (mostly) launched our business. It has kind of gone without fanfare, because nothing has really changed. We are just now in charge of making the graphics department grow wings.

    I’ve been a little busy with all that, but I think we’re all starting to breathe a sigh of relief. Yay.

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  2. Movie Magic

    The past two nights, I’ve gone along with the guys from work who were doing vfx supervision on the set of a movie being filmed here at the moment. It was interesting while being incredibly boring at the same time. The amount of time it takes to set up the shortest of takes is unbelievable.

    The first night I went along to get photos of every angle of this car that they will have to recreate for an explosion scene. I left early and was home by 11, while the Hubby didn’t get home until after the chicken started making noise at 5 AM. I kind of wished I had stayed to see the stunt men being set on fire though. Last night we went back to get more photos of the walls in the alley for textures. It was kind of fun.


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  3. I Guess This Means We’re Adults Now

    Yeah, so we’ve had a little somethin’-somethin’ in the works for a while now, but as of this week, it is official. Hubby and I have partnered with the company we work for to make a new baby company. I like to think it is really The Man”s, but I’m sort of along for the ride. It doesn’t mean much will change, except that his graphics team will be their own motion graphics company and can hire out more easily to other production companies who don’t like the idea of turning to another production company for graphics lest they lose their clients. Or something like that.

    There have been some personnel changes at work and all that, so now I’m relieved of a lot of my old stuff and am now just doing the accounts. So I’m getting paid MORE and working LESS; I’m cool with that. Two days off a week? This is the life I was made for! (Hubby has even said that he would be thrilled if I wanted to plan a Girls’ Long Weekend in Auckland, Brisbane or somewhere in between — anyone game?!) Though once the baby company starts growing up, it may be back to four or even five days depending how many responsibilities I pick up.

    Of course, we also have a CD release date — June 20, hallelujah! So maybe we’ll quit everything and be rock stars.

    And speaking of which, our friends had a song on Underbelly, this week. Not that I was bothered to watch it, but we’re happy for them regardless. Any royalty check is a good royalty check. Thank goodness for Dawson’s Creek re-runs.

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  4. Taking What They’re Giving; I’m Working for a Living

    About the time I think I’m going to post regularly, upload all these new photos, maybe even redesign things around here, that’s when I get too busy to post even once in a while or take my camera out of the bag.

    It’s good though. (I think…) I’m doing some extra work on the side for one of our clients who needs transcripts done of some footage they shot for a “supernanny”-like program. Some of it is just straight pieces to camera, but the children interacting and carrying on has been quite grueling.

    I spent the entire weekend working on them with only a few minor breaks for food. From Friday night to Sunday night, I got 5.5 tapes done and was quite pleased with the accomplishment. The only problem is that I have four and a half left to do. Well, three after my work so far today. *sigh* It’s paying off my camera. That’s what I have to keep reminding myself.

    ** Check out the Jo Frost (aka The Supernanny) store at Amazon.

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