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Hard Corps

My cousin and his two friends were staying with me since Thursday night. We went to Demos’ when they got to town… mmm! And I showed them the Parthenon, though the lights were off due to wedding photographs being taken.

Last night we went to the DCI event in Murfreesboro. It was incredible. No ordinary marching band, that’s for sure. Plus it was just fun being there with those guys because they are all drumline dudes, so their enthusiasm was contagious.

And yes, if you were going past a gas station last night and saw people playing frisbee in the parking lot… they were with me.

Singed a Bit, Were We?

This is a funny little game. Toboggan Run. You have to push a toboggan with enough force to get it down a ramp and through a flaming hoop without missing or setting the people on fire. Pretty cute… and the commentary is hilarious!

The Rules of Men I should show Karl the rule number one about not cutting hair, because he keeps telling me that we need to get hair appointments together and get our hair chopped off.

It’s the Audio Memory game by Notwist. It’s like the childhood game without the little cards to turn over.

Song for the Day:

One with the Freaks

~Miss the signal

Miss the signpost

Lose the access to it all

And all of a sudden

You are one with the freaks~

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