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Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Three cheers for Leslie as she enters the world of blogging. 🙂

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Last night I had to stop at the bossman’s house to pick up something after work. As I was backing out of the driveway with my windows down, his four-year-old daughter came running down the front steps and yelled to me, “Miss Danielle, where are you going now?”

“I’m going to a concert tonight,” I replied.

With hands at her mouth to better amplify, she yelled, “You look pretty enough to go to a concert!”



Connie went with me to see Fleming & John. She had just gotten back from Europe the night before, so I felt it was my duty to help her readjust to the central time zone. What I didn’t realize was that F&J; were originally signed to the label that her ex-husband owned at that time. Midway through the show, she asked me what I thought was so appealing about them. I could only say that it has to be because Fleming is so enchanting, and John compliments her so well. We got to speak to Fleming briefly after the show. I was awed. She is absolutely gorgeous. She said their way-the-heck-too-long awaited third album should be finished in August, though they are without a label at the moment. Woohoo! New Flem!… I’ve seen some ugly couches in my day, but wow… some of these take “ugly” to a whole new level.

The Star Wars Alphabet Project… every nerfherder knows about the X-wing fighter… but how many people know about the P-wing, the M-wing, or the mysterious G-wing fighters?

And if I love anything as much as Star Wars, it would have to be Mullets. (or not) The Mullet Bandit. Some people and their spare time… crazy.

Radio Quote

Yesterday on the NPR I heard this quote… “More women attempt suicide, but more men succeed… because women tend to use pills, while men tend to use guns.” Yeah, I can see that. (And on that note, Gunslinger: a cartoon.)

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