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Guess this person can cross off a couple more aces.

I just had a stand off with a giant blue and black butterfly. I’m sure it would have been hilarious to watch as a bystander. I just hate how they’re so schizo… they dart too much. You’d be proud of how relatively calm I remained. I didn’t have to drop to the ground and cover my head or anything. There may have been a little flailing of arms and some tense screams, but other than that, I think I did good.

I may be quiet for a while… today will be busy because I’m doing an airport run later, then my cousin is arriving tomorrow, so tonight may involve house-straightening and grocery shopping instead of seeing Fleming & John like I had hoped.

Songs for the Day

Don’t Let it Fade Away
Fleming & John

The song that made me cry for the longest time.

~Don’t let it fade away

Be strong enough to tell me goodbye

Don’t let it fade away

Just because you don’t want to see me cry

If it’s over now, I’ll be okay

Just don’t let it fade away~


Sadder DayFleming & John

A sad song that makes you feel so good anyway.

~You like to eat your grits with butter salt and sugar

you drink your coffee instant and black

I always loved the fact but thought that it was so peculiar

how you carried everything you owned in the back seat

of your 1983 canary yellow Z

you had a unique collection of fast food bags

and all the post-it notes with quotes stuck to your dashboard

reminding you life’s not so bad~

Oh that’s it. I have to go to the show. I’ll hate myself forever if I don’t. I owe it to everyone I was on the road with, since that was our soundcheck music every single day.

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