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This is so worth the download. You’ve never seen ping pong like this. Do-it-yourself bullet time.

Send your name to a comet. Why? I dont’ know either, but apparently you can put your name on a list that will be encoded on some computer chip in a module that is being sent to burrow into a comet. You can even print out a little certificate. Yeah, you just know the pranksters have a hayday with things like this. Considering there are already five Darth Vaders, five Luke Skywalkers, one Anakin, six Britney Spears, and four Homer J. Simpsons .

Double Take

Matthew JC – Lame rocker guy voted off FOX’s Paradise Hotel show or whatever.

John Travolta

Talk amongst yourselves.

Song for the Day

I’m Just a Little Black Rain Cloud
Winnie the Pooh

~I’m just a little black rain cloud

Hovering under the honey tree

Only a little black rain cloud

Pay no attention to me

Everyone knows that a rain cloud

Doesn’t eat honey, no not a nip

I’m just floating around

Over the ground

Wondering where I will drip.~

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