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I know I’m completely lame for caring about this so much…

Starbucks Emergency

After noticing a disturbing lack of Toffee Almond bars in the pastry cases at the various Starbucks around here lately, I finally spoke up about it last night only to find that my greatest fears are coming to fruition. How could they discontinue such a culinary delight? They are a party for your tastebuds. Tragic.

So I’m enacting Danielle’s Save the Toffee Campaign. You can feel free to leave your thoughts on a virtual starbucks comment card right here. Together we can bring back the Toffee. Even if you don’t care, you could go there and simply type : “We want our toffee bars back.” or “ho, ho, hey, hey… the toffee almond bars need to stay.”

Fit for a Queen

I drive by two big fields of Queen Anne’s Lace on my way to work every day. There is also an abundance in the lot by the backyard. I’ve often heard about Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly, but until I’ve heard exactly what sort of flavour it has, I’d be very hesitant to go through the trouble. (On the other hand, maybe it is not QAL, but rather hemlock… in which case, I’d be poisoning myself anyway.)

On that note, when’s the last time you thought about Sherlock Hemlock?

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