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On la Casa

So I’m trying to read The Gunslinger for this book club of sorts that we have going. This afternoon I went to a nice little quiet Mexican restaurant in Cool Springs hoping to have a little time alone to read and nibble on chips. It was 2:00, and the place was nearly empty. The waitors doted on me… making sure everything was always topped off. One came by and asked how everything was and then asked my name.


“Danielle. Ahhhh… Daniella,” he said with a wink. “You are very pretty.”

Later as I was packing up my books and things, the same gentleman came by and picked up my ticket and walked off. I went up to the counter to pay, and he said that he had taken care of it. I argued. He insisted and asked that I come again soon. I just might.

On the (Coffee)House

Deciding I would be more likely to keep reading if I didn’t go home, I went to Starbucks to see if they had any comfy chairs open. Indeed. They happened to be in the middle of a huge drive-thru rush, but I said that I was in no hurry at all. The manager said mine was free because I had to wait so long. I argued. He insisted. And I sat and read for two and a half hours.

Why are some people left-handed? Did I ever mention my inexplicable attraction to lefties? Maybe it all comes down to the hand thing… I dont’ know. But there’s just something about them. Hmm.. Famous Southpaws.

Anyway… I need to run.

Song for the Day:

Love Fool
The Cardigans

Heard this on the way home for the first time in a long time.

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