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Unusual IM Quote for Yesterday

“mmmm….we were both commenting on the things that made you so desirable……with a focus on the mysterious aura you have… you were almost like a fairy or something…….. a siren, a dryad, a nymph.”

Who knew?

Death Becomes Her

I’m not an extremely morbid person, so I wouldn’t say that I have a fixation with death. I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway, I found this blog completely fascinating: Autopsy Report. This medical examiner shares his findings.

In his words:

As a biology major, I am very much interested in what makes the body work. I don’t really see the “blood and guts” as being gory or grotesque. I view the organs in much the same way a mechanic would view the parts of a car. They are necessary to make the body run, but there can be problems if one of the parts does not work correctly. A surgeon is like a human mechanic who fixes these broken parts. A pathologist is kind of like the guy who sees why the body stopped working all together. Then there are the organ donor networks who utilize the scrap parts so that another body can be fixed. It seems kind of insensitive to reduce the human body down to nothing but a collection of parts working together, but it is an effective way to practice medicine.


If you haven’t seen the brilliant ‘Cog‘ Honda ad, you must view it now. And if you already have, then you might appreciate this spoof.

My Grandma’s

I have this necklace that looks vintage, but I really just got it at What’s In Store. It has inspired me to want to open a shop (and I may have mentioned this before) with cool jewelry and clothing and such called My Grandma. That way when people ask where something came from, you could honestly say, “from My Grandma.”

But last night, I was actually wearing a necklace that was my grandmother’s. A girl at a shop commented about how she liked it, and I was so thrilled to be able to say, “it belonged to my grandma.”

Song for the Day:

Paris Combo

Anyone who knows French may feel free to translate.

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