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Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?

I think it might be about time to change the music here… with Dan’s help, of course. I’m finding the perfect collection for a little summer love. No requests… these are mine. 🙂

Last night I caught a little bit of a nice program called The Six Wives of Henry VIII. It was really quite fascinating… but I have always had a thing for british history. Catch part two next Wednesday night. (Yes, I missed Indigenous.)

I was reminded of the power of the written word yesterday too. I was so pleased to find an actual letter in my mailbox. Naten had even IM’d me last week to say that he was sending some stickers, but I had completely forgotten. It was so nice to have a letter to read, even though we had emailed about most of the contents before it had arrived. Who cares. I’m determined to bring back the art of letter writing.

One of the Top 17 Funniest Things Ever

Star Wars: The Musical. Do yourself a huge favor and download these tracks for a good laugh. It is amazingly well done… it embodies every element of quality musical theatre. And you know Jesus Christ Superstar and Jekyll & Hyde started out as concept albums… who knows, maybe Star Wars could be headed to broadway. Maybe.

And on that note, Are you a jedi knight or a unicorn? Erm, no.

Post Script

And yesterday I came up with a couple of nice rebuttals that I was going to write on this giant white magnet that would have stuck nicely to the back of my car… “I’m sorry for parking in front of your decorative pile of branches.” and “I need to learn how to park… but where?”. However, with a wave of better judgement, I decided that being cheeky about the whole thing would probably just target me for legitimate parking violations that would eventually lead to my car being towed. So for now I sit back letting them think they have the upper hand. This parking war has been going on for over a year… and I won’t go down so easily.

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