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My Fingers Fell Off

Well, it was more like they broke off… and it wasn’t my fingers so much as my fingernails. I knew this day was coming. We have lots of filing cabinets in my office… one of which is in my office. The not-so-fun thing about them is that they don’t let you open more than one drawer at a time. So yesterday, I got finished with something at my desk, pushed off the wall and rolled over to the cabinet. (Did I mention that I love my rolly-chair and the hardwood floors?) I was attempting the pull out the drawer in front of me, not realizing that the top drawer, which was at head-height since I was seated, was not quite pushed in all the way. I pulled the drawer with gusto and completely, and I mean completely, tore off three and a half nails.

So now I feel like an amputee. Fingernails, like, say tweezers, make it easier for me to grab things, scratch things, pick up things, get at things. I’m not used to using the bulky pads of my fingertips to function.

< /rant>


In other news, please do consider marking your calendars, because September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Parking Police

I just have to laugh about this. I went to my car this morning to find a note scribbled on a piece of loose-leaf college-ruled paper tucked under my windshield wiper. It read: “You need to learn how to park.” And then went on to explain that I was not parked on “community property”. Part of me feels a little bad, because I knew I wasn’t parking where I ought, but I figured it was only going to be for nine hours… sue me.

The part of me that doesn’t feel bad would have had some choice words for this Community Communist… something along the lines of “If you would put some more *&$@#$ parking in the community, I wouldn’t be forced to get creative when the other idiots don’t park between the lines that would have allowed me to fit in there.”

I really want to get some magnetic letters to write “I need to learn how to park” on the back of my car. I hate that place. If I didn’t like my room and my landlords so much, I would have moved out of that community from hell a long time ago.

Song for the Day:

Wake Up in New York
Craig Armstrong (featuring Evan Dando)

~I’ll meet you in New York

By the drugstore on First Avenue

And then we will lie down

With the buildings all around

I want to say this to you~

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