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Surprising Obsession of the Day

I just wasn’t expecting to come across a site by someone who appears to be the world’s biggest Rockapella fan. (yeah, that Rockapella. “She’ll ransack pakistan and run a scam in scandanavia… tell me, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego”)

Quality Quote from Yesterday

“I’d give anything for a preview right now.”

~ Jessica, upon her discovery that they actually play commercials before movies these days. (For the record, I think that is just sick and wrong as well… and therefore I am boycotting Sprite Remix, Joe Boxers from KMart, and Garnier Fruictisse or whatever.)

I am thrilled to say, however, that I saw Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday. It was an exciting swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. Depp was amazing… and Bloom… well, he’s not hard to look at. (By the way, I’m Diamond-Eyed Danielle, The Brigantine Barbarian… according to the game on the movie’s website.)

Oh, and about the girl producers, the criteria I forgot to add was that the woman could not also be known as a musician… as I would never be. That knocks out quite a few that we had come up with… but we’ll keep Pauley’s Sylvia in the mix and Thux mentioned Trina Shoemaker.

I would also like to take just a second to mention that I truly hate BellSouth. (I found some kindred spirits.)

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