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Show last night was great. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

But first… does anyone know what the odds are that a 9-week old kitten, who never goes outside and may or may not have had its shots yet, has rabies? Sparky got me pretty good last night, drawing a little blood. It still hurts a little today, but that could be from the peroxide treatment I did this morning.

So last night. Good.

First opener. The Connotations. I have seen these guys more often than any other band in Nashville. Not kidding. Am I a fan? Not really — though I must say that they have improved immensely in recent months. No, somehow they seem to open for everybody… and I mean everybody. I have to give them props for getting themselves out there like that. I even enjoyed it quite a bit this time. My only complaint was that one new song (which I liked) had the same chord progression as Heart and Soul (you know, that annoying song that every human being can play on the piano) — and I was just aching for the keyboard player to throw that melody in there during the big breakdown at the end. But it never came. Left me feeling empty.

Second opener. The Kick. Pretty entertaining, I must say. Bonus points for being from Orlando (though Manda would never go see them anyway) and for keeping the energy level on 10 the entire time. Someone needs to take up a collection to get those boys a spittoon though. The bass player had a couple spits that came dangerously close to where we were sitting.

Mike was incredible. Seriously. We were trying to figure out how to describe it exactly without much success, but “pure” and “carefree” were words that kept coming out. The comaraderie between Mike, Andrew, and Jason was really fun to watch. Michael had a sort of Dave-Matthews-esque who-cares-if-we’re-having-fun sort of attitude. That’s all I can really say. Go see if you ever have the opportunity.

Song for the Day:

English Interpreter of English
LS Underground (featuring Mike Knott)

Trip Highlights: Day 3 (Saturday)

▪ Bakery for lunch with Mom, Sis, & the Kids

▪ Little bit o’ shopping at the mall.

▪ Went through boxes of our old childhood books, etc.

▪ Pizza Ranch for dinner

▪ Went through more boxes of stuff from college/highschool.

▪ Had bonfire with old lovenotes and junk

▪ Nate came over, and we made s’mores

▪ Walked to the motocross track and watched a little while from the fence while being eatten alive by mosquitos.

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