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And a Pinch to Grow an Inch

I was okay with “30”, but “31” sounds so old.

Yesterday was lovely. Perfect weather. Wonderful husband to wait on me. Spoke to the fam having their Christmas Eve celebration. Got to catch up with Tash. Texts and emails from all over the globe — our friend is somewhere between Paris & London on holiday and bothered to send a message. Had our champers with wild hibiscus flowers. Played Call of Duty 4 with Dan & Lis all evening. Good day! I am very spoiled.

Succumbing to Commercialism
I know Christmas is absolutely not all about the presents… but… my favourites were a gift certificate to get a couple of our wedding photos (particularly this one and this one) printed on canvas. Yeah, that brought me to tears. And then for my birthday I got a mirror for my hallway, some flower pots and the Time Team Dvds.

What did you get?

** Celebrate with Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup from Amazon.

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