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Happy Birthday, O’Maley. You flying turd, you.

I woke up this morning singing the song “Let’s Go to the Movies” from Annie. ~Let’s go to the movies… let’s go see the stars…~

I do actually want to see Possession for some reason. I think it’s that closet romantic in me.

~Fred and Ginger spinning madly… songs of romance… life is a dance…~

And what’s this I hear of a Macguyver movie in the making? Hello… that will rock — but only if they get Richard Dean to star. Otherwise it will be crap. Although, now upon more thinking, I wonder if it would just basically be a glorified episode — since the show was an hour long to begin with. Hmm.

~Cowboy heroes, cops and robbers… glamour and strife… bigger than life!~

By the way, if you are a follower of the ways of the Jedi, do not move to Australia. The government does not recognize it as a religion, despite the fact that 70,000+ residents there claimed to be followers. “I find your lack of faith disturbing…”

~Only happy endings… that’s our recipe. Let’s go to the movies, Annie, you and me!~

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