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have you done these things? (stolen from Jenna)

Been to a Backstreet Boys concert: No, but I’d go to see Nsync anyday.

Been on a plane: Yes… wheee!

Been on a cruise: No.

Went swimming in the ocean: Atlantic, several times… Gulf of Mexico, Jason Warren and I ran through the surf on the beach to say we did.

Been to Europe: Not yet.

Been to Mexico: No.

Been to Canada: For about an hour.

Been to China: No.

Been to Alaska: No.

Been to Australia: Not yet.

Been to Japan: No, but I need to stop there to see my uncle on my way to Australia.

Been to Korea: No.

Been in a school play: Many.

Gone to Church: On a regular basis.

Watched “Dawson’s Creek”: Absolutely never.

Seen a grizzly bear (not in the zoo): There used to be a bear in the park back home, but I doubt it was a grizzly.

Been to Lake Powell: Erm… no?

Gone skiing: I’m not so sure you could call it skiing… but I’ve fallen down a snow-covered hill, yes.

Gone snowboarding: I gave up after that whole skiing thing.

Been on a motorcycle or motorbike: Heck yeah… my dad’s a Harley man.

Fell asleep during a scary movie: Probably

Never slept during a night: I love being awake during the night.

Played field hockey: Didn’t we have a unit on that in p.e.?

Played soccer: At school.

Played baseball: T-ball and softball.

Been to a Major League Baseball game: Just minor league – went to an Indians game.

Sat in a suite at a basketball game: No, but can I just say that I got free tickets to see the Pacers v. Raptors game that went into double overtime and couldn’t find anyone to go with me? I went alone.

Seen the Harlem Globetrotters: No.

Kissed a guy/girl: Yes.

Gone to Applebee’s: Last night with Beth, in fact.

Eaten fish: I dig white fish, but I’m not partial to salmon or crustaceans.

Eaten caviar: No.

Seen someone die (not in a movie): No.

Met a celebrity: I guess so.

Met the president: No.

Sang in public: Ugh, yes.

Driven a car: All the time.

Didn’t wash your hair for a week: I don’t think so… well, maybe when I was sick sometime.

Been to all 50 states: Just 29 for now.

Broken something valuable: Nothing I recall.

Disobeyed your parents: Yes.

Missed a day of Church: Yes.

Skipped school: Yes.

Broken through ice: Haha… technically, I suppose so. Ask Manda.

Bought ice cream from an ice cream truck: No.

Used your parents credit card (with permission): No.

Gotten a cavity: As a kid. None presently.

Broke your arm: I wish.

Been given stitches: Yes… on my tummy and my knee.

Shopped at Abecrombie and Fitch: NEVER!!!!

Shopped at American Eagle: I’ve been in there but never purchased anything.

Shopped at Old Navy: Yes, but not lately.

Not filled out a chain letter: Yes… I think my seven years of bad luck are about up.

Been to the top of the Statue of Liberty: No.

Dunked a basketball: No.

Wrote a story and had it published: No.

Filled a piggy bank: Yes… my hot pink plastic poodle bank.

Walked down 5th Avenue: No?

Read “Gone With the Wind”: No… never seen the movie either, and frankly, I don’t give a damn.

Danced in a ballet recital: Gosh, no.

Built a snowman: Yepper.

Went to the Olympics: No.

Went to Africa: No.

Drove over the Golden Gate Bridge: Never even been to California.

Milked a cow: Yes. I’ve also ridden one.

Husked corn: I’m from Iowa.

Carried a real koala bear: No, but I’ve held a squirrel.

Saw the Northern Lights: I don’t think so.

Been to a runway fashion show: No.

Went to the Smithsonian: Yes.

Ouch. Must. Find. Chiropractor.

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