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Reunion Schmeunion
The Reunion Committee put up photos from my 10-year reunion that I missed last weekend. There were some people that I would have had absolutely no clue who they were if it hadn’t been for the captions. They also put up some pictures that they put in a slideshow on the final night. This one is me with my two high school best friends Nate & Cory in Washington D.C. We have a whole huge series of photos of the three of us on every bench we could find on that trip. This one is me with my friends Kim and Jess on Halloween senior year. Good times.

Speaking of home, I just saw this article. I’m moving back to the most moral county in Iowa. Guess I’m going to have to drink all the wine in the closet before I get there.

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Pulp Fiction in 30 Seconds reinacted by bunnies.

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Closet packing should be a breeze.

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