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Grammy Blogging

Number of Times I’ve Been Thanked: 2
– Alicia Keys thanked everyone who loves music.
– Loretta Lynn thanked everybody.

Random Thoughts
• Gotta appreciate the gospel medley.
• Kevin Bacon’s head is looking disproportionately large tonight.
• Joss Stone has really long fingers.
• Would it kill Billy Bob to button up a little bit?
• Loretta & Jack… yeah, I can’t even finish this thought.
• John Mayer is still hard to watch.
• Anthony LaPaglia will always be Joe to me no matter how old he gets.
• Did they record a real version of “Across the Universe” or do you have to pay for that live performance? Painful.
• I always feel bad for the dead people who don’t get much applause.

Best Grammy Blog Quote:
is it just me, or was Scott Weiland channeling David Bowie during Across the Universe???

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