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Some people know where I work and know that I work next door to the home of a certain (bald) gentleman who is quite well-known in the industry in which I work. Today as I was walking back from getting lunch, I noticed that there were no less than eight people swarmed around his front door with cameras and video cameras. This isn’t entirely out of the norm, however when I noticed that one lady had her nose mashed up to the window trying to get a peak in his living room… that, I think crosses a line. (And I know it freaks his wife out.)

OrganicHTML: make flowers out of URLs. Hard to explain, just go. (via blifaloo… as was the next…)

You are a bit naive, but full of energy and potential. Your optimism and good will are what make you likable to your peers.

You have a tendency to become obsessed with unattainable members of the opposite sex.

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