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My Peeps

I’ve read a lot about people’s friends in the last couple of days, and I decided this morning that I miss having a posse. I went for years and years having identity through the group that I was in. The end of high school was the Cory-Nate-Danielle 3 Musketeers Posse. At college Nate got switched for Matthew. Then there was the whole ARC gang. And then we had the Dysfunctional Seven that lived at The Fold + The Newlyweds. And then the redletterpeople with the broadies and groadies. There was even a sort of posse here when Jay was still around.

Maybe it has to do with age. Maybe it just has to do with the people I presently know. But it just seems like I don’t have a group. I have some singles and a few doubles… but rarely do those intermingle.

I know too many single travelers and too many married people who don’t have fun anymore. That’s it. 🙂

Thank the Lord Michael Crawford is Too Old

I was really skeptical about putting Phantom on film again. That story holds such a special piece of my heart because of the people who sparked my interest in it, and I didn’t want them to mess it up. But after seeing the trailer, I think it looks pretty amazing. Looks like the only thing that could blow it is bad vocals.

Random Tidbits

  • I put my belt on backwards. Today the buckle is on the right.
  • My nails are a heinous shade of pink.
  • I’m wearing two different trouser socks. I like to think I’m making a statement.

My Cure Paris cd is scratched and won’t play in my computer.

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