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Southern Living

Look at me… I made fried okra for lunch. Homegrown in Dr. RoseAnne’s garden. I don’t know if I made it right, but it tasted okay.

That one I’m proud of… but I’m not so proud that I almost said “all y’all” in conversation the other day. It’s all downhill from here.

LJ Friday Five (on Monday)

1. What color ink pen do you like best? purple, then blue, then green, last resort black

2. Do you prefer plain paper or paper with lines (notebook paper)? With lines, but using them is optional.

3. What’s better: books from the library, or reading online? Buy books

4. Which would you rather get, e-mail or snail mail? Snail!

5. Do you have a paper weight on your desk? I used to have a 12-inch pirate hook on the corner.

Iowa Trip Recap: Day 3 (Sunday)

  • Made a spectacle by parading all 67 of us into church at once.
  • Coffee & cookies (grandma’s recipe) back at the barn and took family pictures
  • After lunch went to visit with my Grandma who is awesome
  • Went home and washed my hair, and then got my haircut by my aunt when I got back
  • Dinner, then a small church service put on by my uncles, and then a bonfire with s’mores and goodbyes

Case-Mod Mania

Matt points to a great case-mod combining all the Nintendo systems into one case. Here is one that turns an NES into a PC.

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