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Random Tidbit

I ate Pringles this afternoon, and now the roof of my mouth is raw.

Random Act of Kindness

I happened to be at Kroger when the Thunderstorm of the Century blew over. Several of us stood under the overhang wondering if it was ever going to let up enough to let us dodge to our cars. It wasn’t the getting-wet part that worried me so much as the pushing-a-large-hunk-of-metal-while-running-through-ankle-deep-water part considering the outrageous lightning quite nearby.

An elderly gentleman had apparently made it out to his car with an umbrella and drove up to the door to retrieve his groceries. I tapped on the passenger window and pointed to the cart indicating that I would put his groceries inside if he wished. No point in him getting out again.

He moved the items off the passenger seat, and I put his four plastic bags of mostly produce and a carton of milk in the mini-van. He asked if he could give me a ride to my car. I said I could wait until the rain stopped. He offered to leave his umbrella with me. I declined and wished him a nice afternoon.

I just love old people.

Random Link

Sensitive Light: especially be sure to check out the smoke gallery and the Wallpaper section.

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