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Dramamine is for Wimps

And I’m a wimp. I’m normally a champion flyer. I dig it. But yesterday I wanted to shoot myself if only I could have gotten a handgun past security.

Due to noise ordinances in Chicago, they (as my father says) fly you in real high and drop you like a rock once you get to the airport. Which can be fun, unless that rock-dropping sensation also comes when you are flying through a giant thundercloud. *yak* I got really headachy and seriously considered renting a car to drive the rest of the way before reality set in.

Iowa Trip Recap: Day 1 (Friday)

  • 5:00am – packed and out the door
  • In Omaha (somewhere in middle America) by 10:30am
  • Rent car and drive to sister’s house by 1:30pm
  • Hung out with the kids, played Magical Racing Tour with Bradley who was surprised I knew how to play (little does he know how much of my college career was spent playing MarioKart), exhaustion set in
  • Had Pizza Ranch, the only pizza I actually look forward to, for dinner with Ang’s fam and the parents
  • Ran to “the farm” for last minute reunion preparations
  • Saw family members at nearby hotel, so stood outside chit-chatting with the MN cousins and the CO cousins until dark.

(The haircut didn’t happen until Sunday, so you’ll just have to wait.) 🙂

We Remember

Having grown up in Iowa, this probably meant more to me… but Monday was the 15th anniversary of the crash of Flight 232. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

The most vivid image was turned into a statue. The picture of Colonel Dennis Nielsen carrying a child away from the wreckage.

“God saved the child. I just carried him, sir.”

ayearinpictures: many beautiful photographs from my childhood corner of the world. (more here)

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