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All Vanity Aside

So I told Manda that I had my passport picture made tonight for the second time. And as per usual, I found the first set only after having paid another $15 for a new set. She suggested I have a poll for which one to use. I think the answer is obvious. The one set I can’t believe I left the house much less felt compelled to have my photo taken.

I also would like to add that I don’t photograph well. And the photographer both times was shorter than me, so there’s all that extra chin involved. The flash is so bright, so to avoid half-closed eyes I over compensated with the deer-in-headlights look. And why do they insist on trying to make you smile? Only one succeeded.

You decide. Choose wisely.

(I can’t believe I’m doing this.)

In random order…

Photo 1

(That smudge isn’t really in the background.)

Photo 2

(I’m actually laughing at the short man.)

Vote in the comments. Be kind.

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