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How Sweet it is to be Loved

My buddy Jason from Michigan called me last night from North Carolina to say that he and his wife were watching the weather channel (while on their vacation) and noticed that Tennessee was in a severe storm alert. He just wanted to make sure I knew so I wouldn’t die.

Cool Blog Name

Whither, Canada

Peace that Passes Understanding

I ordered my coffee this morning, and the gentleman behind the counter said, “You have such a pleasurable and calming demeanor.” I took that as a very sweet compliment.

Excuse Me, I’d Like to Get by Now

I am going home on Friday for the Non-optional Family Reunion we have every five years. With that said, I have many people I need to get off my back before then, so posting and emails could be sparse the next few days.

In the meantime, Satelliteguys have lots of flash games for you to play. Neverland is particularly disturbing, but I had to admit that I laughed. And Candy is a kind of addicting Tetris-like game.

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