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Seems some people are blaming me for their newfound Goldminer addiction. To that I say, beat 25094. 😛

The little dude makes me think of Spur in The Man from Snowy River. 🙂


I average about 70-75 hits per day normally. By noon today I had over 85 hits from a site in Venezuela. Craziness. I didn’t retain much from high school Spanish, but based on the photographs, I suspect it’s not safe for work. But hey, I’m huge in South America.

Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

Barry’s back from vacation. Steve’s still MIA.

Foods I Do Not Like

(stolen from Tommy)

Foods I will not eat, under any circumstances:

1. French Toast!

2. The peanut butter & jelly combo

3. Most seafood (save for white fish, tuna in stuff, & imitation crab in sushi)

4. Cheesecake

5. Those molded mints they serve a weddings and anniverary parties that taste like toothpaste

Foods I don’t care for, but will eat if I need to:

1. Cake

2. Pepperoni

3. Pizza Hut pizza

4. Coconut

5. Pancakes

6. Doughnuts


Teresa at Hatamaran chopped off her hair and is donating to Locks of Love. Awesome! I’m almost ready to commit to the Grand Hair Chop of 2004… but I’m nervous about what it’s going to do once the weight is gone. I fear the bouffantness.

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