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Tyler is doing movies and theatre in L.A. He was a good guy. Always a blast at cast parties. What I find funny, and only I will probably find this funny, is that he now goes by “Ty”… when my friend and I actually used to call him “Ler”. We had a symbol for it and everything. —| (If those two lines were connected, that would be a ler. Like a tipped over “T”.) Moving on…


Another random search for something that escapes me now brought me to I’m left with these thoughts…

1. Who is ben brown? (besides this)

2. Why do all these people love him?

3. Why don’t I love him?

4. Do I love him?

5. What can brown do for me? (hello!)


Spoke to Darren yesterday about my spare $100-worth of Curiosa Festival tickets. He and Paul have lawn seats but may give those to Jonathan and Adam in order to have better under-the-canopy seats. That will be fun.


Remember back when previews were part of the excitement of going to movies? Did you know that they play that annoying Fanta ad before movies these days? Not that I was a big Fanta drinker before, but I now refuse to ever let a drop of Fanta pass my lips — just out of principle.

And because it’s Friday… go play Goldminer.

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