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Okay, so if yesterday’s post didn’t convince you to love Pinback, I’ll give it another shot. (Was I wrong about Family Force Five?) But first…

I woke up this beautiful, rainy morning with a song in my head. Actually just some doot-doot-doots. While not being COMPLETELY tone deaf, my efforts to sing the melody to Hans were mostly in vain.

That’s when he introduced me to It is so freaking ridiculous. You go there and tap in the rhythm of the song you’re thinking of, and it will spit back a list of potential songs. It has yet to miss for me. The song is always there.

So I tapped in the rhythm that was in my head, and about halfway down the list I spied Pinback. Of course that was the one. It’s called “Loro”. It’s the last song on their myspace player. It was apparently also on the Elizabethtown soundtrack. (But I don’t endorse that movie, because they LIED. That was SO NOT the Nashville airport.) And it’s stuck in my head.

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** Get the Elizabethtown DVD or the Elizabethtown Soundtrack: Volume 2 at Amazon.

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