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Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Due to that aforementioned lack of concentration, I have been watching a bit more television… at volume levels so low, I am becoming an expert in lip-reading… but more television than I might otherwise, nonetheless.

This is the reason I watched the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal from beginning to end the other night. I’ve mentioned before that my grandpa was and my dad is on the volunteer fire department. My brother was going to go for it as well before he lost half his hearing in the accident.

That said, I have such a heart for those out there putting their lives at risk to help try and save others. Not just them, but their families too. The people who give them a kiss as they leave the house, knowing the danger their loved one faces head on.

When we heard that Coles was donating their profits last Friday, we rearranged our grocery shopping day. We don’t even usually go there, but it was great to stock up on pretty much everything we normally use knowing that the profit was going to the Red Cross. (Granted, my pantry overfloweth now, but we’ll deal.) So anyway, I just read that they made $4,870,889. So great. Press release PDF.

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