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Perplexing Packages

My mind is exploding from two packages sent in the mail — one received and one not.

First, I woke up this morning to find a package from my uncle. Inside was a DVD. Cannot get the DVD to play anywhere. Suspect a bad burn, but am dying to know what was worth sticking in the mail. My mom said that my grandma also got one which didn’t play, however neither they nor my siblings got one. Hmm…

And then the other package was an order I placed in January for the non-toxic flea spray that we have tried in the past. It still hadn’t arrived as of this week, and I thought I had given it enough time to make it through customs and all that. So I emailed the company to see if they could look up the tracking information for me.

This morning I had an email saying that they had credited my card back and asked to let them know if we eventually receive it, and they will charge my card again.

Umm… but… I kind of just want the flea spray.

So now I’m weirded out. I feel like our relationship is over, like we’ve broken up through email. Do I place another order? Do I have to source another company who sells it? Do I write back and clarify? Did I ever imply that I didn’t want my order? Is it because they’re British?

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